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How to Boost Employee Welfare in the Workplace

There has been a lot of talk about employee welfare in business, but what exactly is it? It refers to the emotional, mental, physical, and economical welfare of your employees and how this is influenced by relationships with co-workers, the resources available to them, and perks offered by management.

Research shows that 88% of the UK workforce has experienced burnout in the last two years due to issues like pay negotiation, benefits, and time off. This has led to issues in businesses retaining and attracting talent.

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) states that developing employee welfare strategies can lead to increased resilience, better employee engagement, reduced sickness absence, and higher performance and productivity. So not only can your employees thrive but so can your business.

What can you do to Boost Employee Welfare?

Listen to Feedback

When you listen and act upon the feedback given to you by employees, you’re practicing active listening, and this goes a long way to making them feel valued. The experience of your employees is an invaluable insight into how your business actually operates. This can help you identify areas that are failing them and develop new strategies that will directly impact employees positively.

Regularly Reassess Benefits

One of the main reasons for employee burnout is the absence of employee benefits. While it’s important to have these in the workplace, it’s equally important to keep them relevant. Having genuine perks in place that will positively affect employee well-being will help you attract and retain talent. Keeping assessing opportunities for remote or flexible working are good examples.

Keep a Clean and Safe Office Space


If you provide a workspace for your employees, it is your duty to ensure that it is safe and clean. A comfortable office environment can create a productive and stress-free atmosphere that keeps workers alert and positive.

Work on keeping workspaces organized, providing facilities such as break rooms and toilets, and using air purification devices in high-traffic areas. Air conditioning equipment from RS is ideal for keeping areas ventilated and cool, especially on hot days.

Regular Career Progression Opportunities

Offering opportunities for career progression prevents employees from experiencing stagnancy in their job roles and gives them something to look forward to. This can increase satisfaction rates and provides them with fulfilment in their work and personal lives.

Additional career opportunities will also prevent staff from going elsewhere for career progression and higher salaries.

Prioritize Mental Health for Employee Welfare

The importance of employee mental health has been truly recognized by businesses in the last years and prioritizing it has become integral to modern business practices. Tackling the mental health stigma by incorporating wellness campaigns can have your employees feeling more secure and safe.

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