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How to Become Better at Writing Product Advertisements

Most content consumed on the internet is free, and the same can be said about television shows. Why do you think that people aren’t charging you, and why are they going through the trouble of producing expensive content for free? In this article, we go over the best way you can utilize product advertisements for your company.

Well, the answer is obvious. Exposure and advertisement are worth their weight in gold, and companies are willing to pay a lot for someone to pitch you, their products. Effective advertising has become the target of many writers because that’s where most of the money is.

So, let’s assume that you are just starting as a writer on website for research papers and want some guidelines on how to effectively produce these ads. After all, most writers are artistic types who are not necessarily interested in the dryer, less creative marketing world. Still, if you need to pay the bills by doing this, read on.

1. To whom are you selling?


If any advertising tips are to be useful, they have to get more specific. Your product cannot simply appeal to anyone at any time, as there will be a natural niche and target demographic that will be more interested. As a result, knowing to whom you are selling is the first and most vital step in this journey.

Sure, there have been cases in the past where the company created the need out of thin air and dictated a trend. But that is a very risky move. For example, comic book movies targeted to a female audience have failed miserably, because that is not the traditional audience of that piece of media.

The studios tried to mismatch product and consumer, and lots of billions for their trouble.

As a writer, you must understand the audience in terms of their pain points, troubles, preferences, and so on. It sounds more complicated than it is, but in case you know nothing about that demographic, just sacrifice a few afternoons to do some research.

Forums are a great place, as they allow customers to post honest, uncurated opinions and feedback.

2. Culture and values for product advertisements

Aside from practicality, we also have cultural and moral values.

A product or a service has no soul, mostly involving inanimate objects. There is nothing inherently moral or cultural about a box of detergent, or a weed trimmer. However, to stand out when compared to their competition, companies have started to play a dangerous game.

They started to publicly associate themselves with moral causes, holidays, and even politics. This is a risky advertising move, as it can alienate a large section of potential customers, but it also promises to create a very loyal fanbase out of those who remain.

If you completed step 1 and are aware of your target audience, the next step towards writing an effective ad is to appeal to these emotionally charged areas.

For example, there is nothing inherently connecting Polar Bear, Christmas, and Coca-Cola trucks. But still, their marketing was so successful, that almost the entire Western world associated their trucks with polar bears and Christmas.

Alternately, some companies like to brag about ethically sourcing their materials and labor, while others use public domain historical figures to raise brand awareness.

All these methods have in common that they are trying to tie a product to an emotionally impactful and meaningful person, event, culture, etc. To put things more bluntly, the product seeks to piggyback off these more important phenomena.

3. Be agile when gathering feedback

When creating an advertisement, you should take into account existing feedback. Even if the product is brand-new and nobody has reviewed it yet, surely there must be some precursor version, or a version produced by the competition.

As a writer, you have to be careful when reading reviews. People only are anonymous, and this encourages them to be more critical, blunt, and hyperbolic. Odds are that you will have to sift through a lot of exaggerated reactions, to get to the ones that can inform your ad.

There are some very informed people out there, and their opinions should weigh the most while you are doing product research.

4. Be aware of the medium of product advertisements


A good question that you should ask yourself in business advertising is “Where will my ad be posted?”

Product advertisements will always have to be tailored towards the online platform. For example, some websites and commerce platforms will allow for a longer text. People are going to this site to specifically shop, and they know what they are getting into. As a result, they are much more patient in sitting down and reading your ad.

That is the ideal case, but most likely, you will always have to pitch to people who did not ask to see the commercial. Most of us just skip these intrusive ads and consider them a nuisance. In addition, the internet has lowered the overall attention span, and people are spending less time, even on content that they are passionate about.

As a result, you will need to get creative and write a script that is as short as possible and draws the attention of potential buyers. It’s similar to writing one-liners or jokes because you have to make every letter count. Also, there is a need to develop a hook, some outstanding statement that will catch the potential customer’s attention.

5. The formula works

Once you have gathered all the relevant info, all that will be left is to put it together.

Business advertising, in terms of structure, has been refined to its purest and most effective form.

First, you have to present or address the problem or present a call to adventure. There is both a positive and negative angle to the approach. 

“Does your stomach hurt?”, “Are you tired of lint on your clothes?”, “Do you want to keep your hair for longer?” or “ Enter a world of magic and sorcery”.

After you’ve presented the status quo, you should insert your product and explain a little about how it works, how it is made, and how it is different from other products.

Finally, to wrap everything in a little bow, ads for business shows or explain to you how your life will be improved by the product.

It’s the 1-2-3 step structure of advertising that we’ve seen thousands of times.

Conclusion on Product Advertisements

Overall, when writing product ads, you have to be well-informed and creative.

Knowing your audience and targeting their needs, preferences, or insecurities is half the battle while constructing a catchy pitch is the second half of that equation. 

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