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Get Help With Artificial Intelligence For Your Business Online

Creating an online business may be easy for most of you out there. However, growing it as an authority in the desired market is not an easy task due to high competition. But thankfully, due to advancements in Artificial Intelligence, there are several AI-powered tools available on the internet that help you to take your business to new heights. According to Hootsuite, there are around 34%  of companies all around the world use AI to stand out tall even in tough competition. 

Wondering how you can do the same? Keep reading, in this article we will explain how you can make use of AI to grow your business online

How You Can Grow Online Business with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

Remember, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just a technology or set of algorithms that are integrated into online tools to make them work. So, below we have discussed some AI tools that you (business owner) can use to grow your business on the internet.   

1. ChatGPT For Creating Content Strategy

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Obviously, to grow your online business, you have to promote it so that it can attract maximum potential customers. And we all know that the most effective way to promote business online is through content marketing. However, it requires a solid content strategy, but don’t worry because ChatGPT can help you do so. 

It is a freemium (available in both free and paid versions) AI-powered language model that generates human-like responses according to the given prompt. 

The tool operates on advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning  technologies. The NLP helps ChatGPT to get familiar with the human input, whereas the ML contributes to generating responses.    

With ChatGPT, businesses can quickly and efficiently create solid content strategies that they can use as a roadmap to success. To provide you with a better idea, we have asked the tool to create an effective content strategy for a business about “Cosmetics.” The response we got can be seen in the attachment below: 

As you can see in the picture above, ChatGPT has provided a content strategy against the give prompt. This will not only save time and effort but also eliminate the need to hire a professional to create a strategy for your online business

2. Google Bard For Content Creation

To take your online business to new heights, you will have to create high-quality content for your targeted audience regularly. The content can be blogging posts, eBooks, emails, newsletters, social media content, etc. If you have hired human writers for blog posts. They will take at least 2 to 3 hours to come up with a high-quality blog post which is not only time-consuming but also costly. 

Fortunately, that’s not the case now because Google Bard is here to help you. It is an AI-powered tool by Google Inc. that will help businesses to create content on demand within a matter of minutes or seconds, without compromising on quality. 

All you have to do is just provide the topic on which you want to create content to the Google Bard, and it provides 100% unique content against it. To demonstrate this, we have asked Bard to create blog content for the topic “How Cosmetic Products Can Beautify Your Skin.” The output we got can be seen in the attachment below: 

This way, businesses can create high-quality for their audience without spending much time and effort. When you (the business) will provide high-quality content regularly, it will help in gaining the attention of a maximum audience. 

3. AI Summarizer For Concise Product Descriptions

Everyone knows that product descriptions are important for businesses on the internet. They are brief pieces of writing that give important information about the product being sold on the Internet. Reading descriptions helps people choose whether they should buy a product or not.

So, for the most sales or growth, you (the businessperson) should make short and accurate descriptions of all your products. If you do it by yourself, this can take up a lot of time.

To make this process easier, you can get help from an AI summarizer that shortens the given text. It works with a variety of AI algorithms that quickly understand the provided text and then make a short version without changing its original meaning. Businesses can use this tool to quickly make short and simple descriptions of all their products.

To show this, we used an AI summarizer to make a long product description short. The results can be seen in the attachment below:

As you can see, the summarizer has quickly made the given product description concise without altering its meaning and quality. 

4. Bing Image Generator For Visuals

artificial intelligence for your business

Visuals (images, videos, etc.) are more likely to grab the attention of potential customers as compared to plain text. Since your business is online, the potential customers cannot touch or feel your product, the only option they have left is to decide through image/video. Due to this, businesses hire special designers who will create high-quality images and videos, costing both time and effort. 

But thankfully the introduction of the Bing image generator has solved the creation of visual issues for businesses. It is a totally free-to-use AI tool that will quickly generate a high-quality, unique, and copyright-free picture against your given prompt. 

In order to provide an efficient idea, we have asked it to design an image of “Cosmetic products.” The results we got can be seen in the picture below: 

So, the AI image generator has generated multiple images of cosmetic products against the given prompt. 

Final Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

These days, more and more businesses are using advanced AI tools to quickly become an expert in their market. This is because of improvements made recently with artificial intelligence technologies all around us. In this blog, we have shown you ways to use various AI tools and increase your online business

Give these online tools a try and you will experience good growth in your online business.

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