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Freight Agent: 6 Tips To Become One

Starting a business as a freight agent is perhaps one of the best ways to make big money. It refers to the practice of acting on behalf of other people or businesses in organizing for their freight to be transported from Point A to Point B. In simple terms, a freight agent represents common carriers who run and manage freight businesses. 

With that, it’s believed that the number of people seeking services increases daily due to continued consumer demand growth. Becoming a freight agent enables you to connect with many clients, thus generating huge sales. However, you must implement the right strategies to become one.  

That said, here are some tips you need to implement if you want to become an independent freight agent. Carry on reading below to find out more.

  • Enroll In Freight Agent Training Classes 

Unlike other careers, becoming a freight agent doesn’t require you to attend any formal training lessons. You can become one even without any basic education. But it’d be a good idea to attend training sessions to enable you to acquire the right skills to manage your firm. As a result, your company will likely stand out in the competition.  

There are thousands of schools providing training for freight agents. Yet not every training institution out there can be suitable for you. Research to ensure you select the best school. You can consider various factors to choose suitable freight agent training institutions. These include possession of proper licensing and certifications, experience level, reputation, and quality of services. 

You must also ensure that the selected training institution has qualified and experienced trainers. That’s important since your qualifications and the quality of skills you gain to manage your business will majorly depend on the specific teachers training you.  

  • Obtain Work Experience

As noted in the previous section, acquiring education is necessary to become a freight agent. Yet that alone might not be good enough to enable you to run a successful business. Therefore, you should go the extra mile and obtain work experience before you start working on your own.  

Obtaining working experience lets you put into practice what you learned in class. It also allows you to familiarize yourself with the fright agent work environment. Besides, it’s another way of undertaking further training. You can obtain work experience by finding a freight company that offers internship opportunities.  

  • Register Your Freight Agent Company With The State


Obtaining relevant training and experience enables you to become a good freight agent. But you must register your services with the state before greenlighting operations.   

You’d want to register your company for various reasons. To begin with, it’s a legal requirement to register with the proper authorities before you start working with clients. The responsible government body won’t allow you to offer freight agent services without proper registration and licensing of your company. Infractions can lead to fines. 

Another reason for registering your firm or services is to help connect with more customers. That’s true since most clients will first consider determining whether your company is registered before signing a working partnership with you. And if they find that you aren’t registered, they’ll likely turn to your competitors. 

Hence, to avoid penalties from the government, connect with many customers and make great sales, ensure you register your freight agent firm with the state.  

  • Organize Your Budget

Running a successful freight agent firm requires you to have enough capital. For instance, you need money to employ staff or contractors, buy sets of working tools, and lease office space for your base of operations. For that reason, you need to organize your budget. 

There are several benefits of organizing your budget. For example, it enables you to manage your money more efficiently. Besides, it helps you to improve decision-making and allocate resources to the right projects. You also need to understand that it’s only by organizing your budget that you can be able to monitor your performance and meet your business objectives. All these ensure you run a successful freight agent company.  

  • Develop A Business Plan

Another effective strategy to become a successful freight agent is establishing a business plan. This is a written document containing all aspects of your freight agent services, and it guides you in your daily operations.  

A good freight agent business plan will have five major sections. The first one is the executive summary. This is one of the most critical parts of a business plan. It summarizes all the goals and objectives of your company and explains how you intend to handle the biggest logistic challenges.  

After the executive summary comes another vital section: the company description. In this part, you’ll explain your business structure and the services you want to offer on the market.  On the other hand, a marketing strategy which is the third section of a business plan describes how you intend to connect with potential customers. 

The fourth section covers the management team and their qualifications. It also explains how their expertise will help your freight agent firm meet its goals and objectives.  

The last section is about revenue projection. It addresses things like sales forecasts, cash flow statements, expenses budgets, and income projections for the next few years. Ensure you develop a comprehensive business plan.  

  • Establish A Marketing Plan

You can’t ignore the power of marketing if you want to become a freight agent. That’s true since marketing helps promote the visibility of your services or company. No client will come to know about your services without marketing. That’s why you need to develop a marketing strategy.  

You can use various tools and strategies for advertising your company. You can use the old ways of using posters, business cards, and flyers, setting up pop-up shops, and conducting roadshows, or you can utilize digital channels like social media platforms. But whichever strategy or tool, ensure you can connect with most of your targeted audiences.  


Becoming a freight agent is one of the high-demand businesses now. Going in that direction enables you to make huge revenues and great profits. However, becoming a freight agent isn’t always easy if you don’t know what steps to follow. You can implement the tips enumerated above to get started with your freight agent services.

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