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I own a business located in Florida. Do I Need Florida Business Consulting, Business Coaching or Business Mentoring?

Sometimes when I meet a business owner, there is some confusion about the different types of advisors. In Florida, not only do we have professionals that assist in the areas of accounting, legal and financial planning, we also have business performance advisors that assist in the areas of leadership, planning, sales, marketing, operations, time management, and human resources. And that’s just getting started with the ways these professionals can help!

As a business owner which type of business performance advisor is best for you? In this article, we’ll take a look at the 3 types of advisors that focus on business performance: business consulting, business coaching and business mentoring.

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Three Types of Business Performance Advisors

Florida Business Consultant

A business consultant is usually an individual who is a subject matter expert; they are experts in a narrow discipline in business. The business consultant actually performs the work within a business. Here are some examples:

  • A large company such as Monsanto in Florida may hire a Florida business consultant to study an environmental concern and bring recommendations.
  • A company could bring in a business development consultant to initiate growth.
  • For a company’s annual planning a business planning consultant could be retained to facilitate the planning meetings.
  • A company looking to improve its productivity could hire a business process consultant to study the organization, identify and develop key process owners, and create a system for process management and improvement.

Business consulting has been around for many years and large corporations frequently use business consultants. Many business consultants have previously worked as an employee in large organizations and then move on to business consulting firms.

Small Business Consultant

Additionally, there are firms that offer small business consulting services. An example could be an Orlando Florida Public Relations firm which could help a business with logo redesign and branding. Although the costs associated with small business consulting are prohibitive to most small businesses, middle-market companies will hire a small business consulting firm from time to time.

florida business consulting
small business coach

Florida Business Coaching

Business coaching is a relatively new profession that has exploded in growth over the last couple of decades. Think about the role of a sports coach. The coach is able to develop a winning team of players, improve their individual skills, and orchestrate their strengths to develop winning strategies. Effective business coaches do exactly that for their clients. In contrast to the business consultant, who performs the work similar to an employee, the business coach acts as a leader and advisor so that the client can deploy successful strategies in the business. Like a sports coach, the business coach is the motivator, trainer strategist, while the client is the player of the game.

Business Coaching is Holistic

When I founded Small Business Coach Associates in 2002 in Jacksonville, Florida the term “business coaching” was rarely understood by small business owners. In my mind, small business coaching is more holistic in nature. Added is another nuance of business coaching; services in the life coaching realm for business owner clients. Our firm focuses on the business owner first in establishing a vision, values, and goals. We believe that the business should be the vehicle by which the owner achieves his/her goals, dreams and aspirations.

Small Business Coaching

For the Florida small business owner, there are myriads of areas to juggle. We coach in 29 areas that fall under the broad categories of Time, Team and Money. Some of these areas include marketing, sales, planning, leadership, cash flow, employee recruitment, incentives and retention, time management, operational performance, and communications. We guide our clients through the five stages of growth: Creation, Disorder, Control, Prosperity, and Freedom.

Although business coaches may also specialize in specific areas within a large company, small business coaches usually have a broader range of knowledge to assist a small business owner in many areas of the business.

Florida Business Mentoring

A business mentor has “been there, done that.” This individual has personally owned a successful business and is in the position to teach from experience. The business mentor has “walked in the shoes” of his clients. Ideally, this individual has been through the anxiety of startup, to the chaos of growth, to the stresses of cash flow and employees and debt, to the burnout of working too many hours, to the comfort of profit, and to the freedom of selling the business. A business mentor will have lots of experiences to share as you encounter problems and obstacles in your business. Be ready for some interesting stories from this seasoned professional!

Make Sure Your Business Consultant Has Owned a Business

With the business coaching explosion, there are a number of individuals who have arrived on the scene after undergoing a weekend or week-long training course and are awarded a diploma as a “certified business coach.” These individuals may have never personally owned a business. They could be from any walk of life from a corporate employee to high school graduate. A visit to a networking meeting or chamber of commerce event may reveal a large number of business coaches who fall in this category. We encourage you to check reviews before going with a company.

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So What Business Consultant is Best For Me?

The answer to “what’s best for me” boils down to your need. Business performance advisors usually have strengths in more than one area. It’s possible to find a professional who is a business consultant, business coach, and a business mentor!

Grow Your Business with a Professional Business Consultant in Florida

The modern business must contend with an ever-changing market, high competition, and a need to manage its operational expenses. For many small to medium businesses (SME’s), keeping afloat has become the new norm. We understand that small business owners have to multi-task and sacrifice their time and private life to sustain their livelihoods and their legacy. Our role as business consulting Florida experts is to introduce strategies to accelerate your professional growth. We encourage the best business practices, including time management, steps to increase revenue, and move beyond merely ‘staying afloat.’

If you have never partnered with a successful business consulting company in Florida, you will be surprised to learn of the immense value a dedicated consultancy can provide. We deliver on our promises of business support and growth by creating tailored strategies that drive results. Our goal is to introduce the best project management methods in which daily operations are streamlined.

small business coach
Providing business consulting and coaching to a business owner and his team of employees working at a growing Florida company.

 We Provide a Wealth of Knowledge and Skills, As Your Trusted Business Consulting Florida Experts

Businesses can take advantage of Small Business Coach Associates’ wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovative solutions. We have worked across industries and assisted many businesses with diversity and creativity. We are here not only to keep your business afloat but to apply the methodologies and industry trends to expand your brand, products, and services. Our combination of expertise and passion for the business will help you perform your professional duties to the highest standard.

For the new business or the developing company relying on the services of business consulting in Florida, a professional business consultant can bring unmatched industry expertise and move your business to the next level. Small Business Coach Associates has provided a multitude of business clients with immense success because we learn about your business, and we tailor our strategies to help you. By consulting with our expert services, we bring diverse skills to ensure your company reaches its goals and achieves incredible growth. By assessing your management strategies and current practices, we can identify areas needing improvement and rewarding opportunities for growth. As trusted business consulting Florida experts, we will manage the interests and the integrity of your business as though it were our own.

Every Business Needs Our Objective Approach

As a business owner, we know how much time, dedication, and passion go into running your services. We also know that you could benefit from an outsiders’ viewpoint to determine where problems lie and how to manage it. When you spend so much time dedicated to multiple operations, it is easy to oversee some of the hindrances preventing you from growing and achieving your goals.

Our dedicated business consulting experts in Florida will assess every aspect of the business to pinpoint where you can improve. Many teams and individuals are too close to the problem to identify it and the best ways to overcome the challenges. Consultants are here to act as your partner and provide the objectivity you need to excel.


Here’s a team of employees and a business owner working with a business consultant while developing and deploying a strategic plan.

Achieve Your Short-Term Goals

We know that businesses have to put measures in place to reach their long-term goals. At Small Business Associates, we believe that the short terms goals are as important. It helps facilitate employee productivity and supports professional milestones.

In many instances, introducing short term goals to employees leaves them feeling overwhelmed with additional work. Our role as your professional business consultants is to help you and your workforce reach those short-term objectives healthily and efficiently. We help you utilize cost-effective resources while maintaining enthusiastic employees.

We Introduce the Steps to Profitability

All businesses work towards a growing bottom line. For some, reaching the desired profitability becomes impossible when operating challenges, changing markets, and industry competition get in the way.

As dedicated and experienced business consulting Florida experts, we take the time to learn where and how we can improve profitable aspects of your business. Having your staff pause their regular tasks to identify where the company can gain profits will simply use unnecessary resources.

We help you save time and money by assessing your operations and learning where we can help you expand and increase your bottom line.

Small Shop Ideas to Grow Your Business
business consultant

Our Short-Term Solutions Provide Lasting Results

Most small businesses are under the misconception that a business consultant cannot be afforded. Fortunately, we have worked with many small to medium companies and offer affordable rates. We are independent practitioners, which allows your business to save on taxation and employee benefits.

When you rely on our business consulting services in Florida, we introduce changes you can make today that will have a lasting impact with incredible rewards. We deliver flexibility, reliability, and tailored practices to support goal achievement and more. Rather than pay for costly technology or hire permanent staff, our consultants deliver diverse ideas, expertise, and experience you can rely on.

Discover How to Manage Your Business More Efficiently

Efficient and effective business practices allow your company to save on operational costs. It helps employees complete designated tasks faster and with accuracy. By analyzing current operations, our team will advise on strategies to streamline processes while saving on expenses.

small business coach
Running a growing business can be almost as exhilarating as a helicopter flight over the scenic waters of Florida! Having a business coach and consultant as your co-pilot can help your experience to be fun rather than disastrous.

Invest in Our Leading Business Consulting Services in Florida

Consider a business consultant an investment. Your small business can only benefit from the services we can provide. Whether you are struggling to overcome challenges or simply wish to learn how to improve your internal processes, we are here to help.

Our expertise and years of experience in supporting businesses will deliver impressive results. Our purpose is to deliver objectivity and ways of maximizing productivity so you can grow and compete. Having worked across multiple industries, our immense value and expertise support professional advancement.

Remember, a business consultant is not only contacted when your services are in trouble or failing to reach their objectives. We are here to introduce the best practices for businesses. This includes the ways of streamlining operations and helping you grow the competitive and successful brand you have invested time and resources into achieving.

At Small Business Associates, our professional business consulting team in Florida works with you to deliver expert training. We deliver an educational, creative, and innovative approach that is fully customized to suit your operations and goals.  Please speak to us for unparalleled business management and strategic professional solutions.


If you have a project that you’re working on and you need help to complete your project, bring in a business consultant or a small business consultant. If you are looking for someone that can help you with many of the areas that make a business successful, a business coach or small business coach will be your answer. If you want someone who has “practiced what they preach” through their own successful business, the business mentor is a great fit.

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