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Best Bank Promotions

I admit, I used to open up bank accounts for free t-shirts and coffee mugs. I didn’t know that banks want you to be their customer so badly that they’re willing to offer you crazy welcome bonuses to open an account with them. These sign-up bonuses aren’t small either. They range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars! So if you’re looking at opening a bank account soon, check out the bank promotions below!

Chase Bank

Chase is one of the biggest financial institutions in the United States and they have promotions that give you thousands of dollars.

This national bank is always running multiple bank promotions for opening new checking accounts, savings accounts, investing accounts, and credit cards.

Even if you’re young with little to no credit, there are products with welcome bonuses tailored for you. For example, Chase has a secure banking account for people with bad credit looking for a “second chance” at a relationship with a major bank. Collect students who open a college checking account can earn an easy $100 bonus.

Most of these bank bonuses are easy to qualify for too. Outside of opening an account, it usually requires just a small deposit or direct deposit.

Here’s a post from the personal finance site, The Money Ninja, that has a list of bank bonus offers at Chase for you to look over. They keep the offers up to date every month so it’s easy to find out what the latest bonuses are.

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank is another reputable bank that’s known for always having many promotional offers and bonuses.

For example, take consumer personal checking accounts. You can earn bonuses by opening one of three eligible accounts: the silver, gold, or platinum account. The differences between the checking accounts are the benefits and the monthly fees it assesses (which can be waived each month if you meet certain requirements).

The bonus amount is the same regardless of which checking account you choose. Currently, U.S. Bank is offering $400 for doing the following:

  • Open a new U.S. Bank personal checking account using the promo code 2022JUL
  • Within 60 days, be enrolled in online banking or the U.S. Bank mobile app
  • Within the same 60 days, complete recurring direct deposits that total $4,000 or more
  • Bonus will be deposited into your new account within 60 days of meeting requirements

This is a very enticing offering, giving you a 10% return on your direct deposit amount. The bonus is also paid out in two months, which is super quick.

Huntington Bank


Huntington Bank is a regional bank with multiple welcome bonuses available for new customers. Right now, they have cash bonuses for the following personal checking accounts and business checking accounts:

  • $200 for a Huntington Perks Checking
  • $300 for a Huntington Platinum Perks Checking
  • $100 to open a Huntington Business Checking 100 Account
  • $400 to open a Huntington Unlimited Business Checking Account
  • $750 to open a Huntington Unlimited Plus Business Checking Account

Keep in mind that since Huntington Bank only operational in a region, only residents in the states they do business in are eligible for the bonus offers.

You need to live in one of the following states: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia, or Wisconsin.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank is offering a bonus of up to $400 when you open a Virtual Wallet and personal checking account:

  • Get $200: Open a Virtual Wallet Checking Pro with Spend, Reserve & Growth with direct deposits totaling $2,000 within 60 days of account opening OR
  • Earn $400: Open a Virtual Wallet with Performance Select with direct deposits totaling $5,000 within 60 days of account opening

This welcome offer usually appears for three months at a time, but we’ve seen the bonus being renewed consistently so there’s plenty of chances to take part in these bank promotions.

Nearside: Business Banking

Nearside is a financial technology company for small businesses. While the bonus is relatively small, it’s on this list because of how simple it is.

Open a Nearside business checking account and you’ll earn a $40 bonus once you deposit at least $200. You need to sign up using a referral code though, so search for one before applying.

It seems that Nearside is trying to pull in business from online entrepreneurs and people with side hustles – like those who are selling goods on eBay, people offering custom items on Etsy shops, and small businesses with Shopify stores.

Brex Cash

This is another bank that appears on this list only because of its unique offers. Brex Cash often offers promotions for new business accounts, but instead of rewarding you for just making deposits (which it does), it also hands out big deposits for making purchases using your Brex card.

Spend using your Brex card to earn points and redeem the points for money. Each point is worth one cent. The amount of points you can earn is uncapped and your points never expire.

Many new businesses have quite a few purchases to make as they set things up, so why not earn points on the things you buy with a Brex Cash account.

One item to note is that Brex Cash is not a bank account; it’s actually a cash management account offered by Brex Treasury (a FINRA-registered broker-dealer) that functions very much like a business bank account but designed for the way small businesses actually work.

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