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Automated Dropshipping – Is It Possible to Put Your Business on Autopilot?

Dropshipping can be defined as a way through which merchants fulfill orders in the eCommerce business whereby, they outsource the processing orders and inventory to another party. Automated dropshipping can prove to be a valuable tool to your business.

This is a tedious process that consumes a lot of time and requires the merchants to remain alert all the time for the successful running of their businesses. Fortunately, it has been made easier by technology and automation.

Through automated dropshipping, you can use technologies and tools to run all the processes in the business on autopilot. This streamlines the processes and saves a lot of time. It also gives you enough time to focus on other aspects of your business. But how can you run your dropshipping business on autopilot?

Order Processing with Suppliers for Automated Dropshipping

Order processing is one of the most important things in the dropshipping business. You, therefore, need to take advantage of dropshipping automation software to handle this process for you.

These software applications make sure that orders are automatically routed to your suppliers immediately after a customer makes an order. The supplier gets information with regards to the customer and order details for them to release the order without any issues.

Some of these applications are even smarter than you might think. If you have multiple suppliers, they will evaluate them based on availability before routing the order to one of them. This puts your business on autopilot since you do not have to do anything.

Inventory Control

Imagine a customer placing an order for an item only for you to realize later that that particular item is not available. This would translate to poor eCommerce customer service, something that can end up hurting your business.

When putting your business on autopilot, you should make sure that you are using tools that keep an accurate inventory of the products in your store. This will help you avoid issues with overstocking and out-of-stock products.

The right dropshipping software application should come with inventory feeds from your suppliers. This shows the levels of stock for each of the suppliers. This way, you will control your inventory automatically, making it easy to put your business on autopilot.

Use Automated Tools


The first step into setting your business on autopilot is of course building, customizing, and launching your business and then choosing an automated dropshipping software application. You then need to select the processes that you need to automate.

There are many options available for you using these software applications. The first important one is the ability to upload your products and their information from your suppliers automatically.

Imagine having to upload hundreds of products manually. This would consume a lot of time and the chances of errors would be very high. With these software applications, you can put your business on autopilot and make sure that you have products for display all the time.

Price Optimization

When adding products to your store, you do not have to set prices for all of the products on your own. Even when uploading products automatically as discussed above, do you have to go back and optimize the product prizes manually?

Well, when putting your dropshipping business on autopilot, you can use automation tools to automate price optimization and syncing. They allow you to set rules for your pricing strategy. These rules will be used to automatically set prices for your products.

When doing this, you should make sure that the rules you set are going to make you profits. It would be a challenge for you to sell products at a price that would drive you out of business. You also need to set the right price that cannot drive customers away.

Order Tracking helps achieve Automated Dropshipping

Order tracking is very important when it comes to improving the experience of your customers. You need to make sure that your customers have a way of finding where their products are without having to call you or the shipping company.

Fortunately, you can use dropshipping automation software to automate the process of tracking orders. This allows your customers to easily see where the product is, something that is important in gaining customer trust in eCommerce.

The software should also update you automatically when there is a problem with the delivery of a certain order. This way, you can contact your customers before they even notice the problem and explain to them that there will be a delay in the delivery of their product.

Setting your dropshipping business on autopilot is one of the best things you can do today. You will let technology handle most of the processes for you while you concentrate on other aspects of the business such as marketing.

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