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Are You a Good Candidate for Business Coaching

Are You a Good Candidate for Business Coaching?

As I have worked with hundreds of business owners over the years, many ask the question; “Am I a good candidate for business coaching?” How coachable are you? Most business owners get good results from coaching. However, I have found a few characteristics in business owners that turn good results into great results!

Here are a few characteristics that will make you a good candidate for business coaching:

Are You a Candidate for Business Coaching?

Being Action-Oriented.

Above all other characteristics, being action-oriented is the biggest success factor in coaching. I have had many clients who during every session have completed the assignments that they agreed to complete. Their business results improve like a rocket!

Having Humility. 

Being coachable means that you don’t have all the answers to improve your business. You humble yourself by admitting that. Although my best clients are some of the sharpest business people on the planet, they have some humility when they come to our coaching sessions.

Practicing Truthfulness.

One of the cornerstones to effective coaching is where the client and coach are truthful with one another. This builds trust and moves the coaching relationship to a deeper level. Being armed with the truth helps you and your coach ensure that effective decisions and actions are implemented.

Being Accountable.

The top thing my clients like about coaching is being held accountable. It’s lonely at the top. You may not have someone to bounce ideas off. Being held accountable to your plan increases your results exponentially.

Willingness to Learn.

Most business owners have a lot of knowledge. Some have learned to the point that they think they know it all. When I try to move forward with them, they have some reasons that something won’t work. This can become an obstacle to a business moving forward. Learners are earners. My best clients are eager to learn.


If you have the above characteristics, you are a great candidate for business coaching! Here’s a survey you can take to determine how coachable you are. Now to learn what characteristics are important in a business coach, here’s an article; What to look for in hiring a small business coach. 

What do you think? Are you a good candidate?  Let us know your thoughts below.

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