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A Comprehensive Guide To Outsourcing Your CNC Machining Needs

Once upon a time, computer numerical control (CNC) machining services were a production process that only giant corporations and businesses could afford.

However, in today’s competitive business world, it has become possible for small- to medium-sized businesses to have access to CNC machining. Machines as a service (MaaS) is on the rise in the same way that software as a service (SaaS) is now widely available. 

Outsourcing your CNC machining allows your business to do more with less cost. However, with the increasing popularity of CNC MaaS, you also have more choices for providers, making it challenging to find the right partner for your business.

This article outlines the benefits of outsourcing CNC machining services and how to choose the right vendor. You’d find this guide helpful whether you’re looking for a general manufacturing partner for your small business’s products or a one-stop aerospace machining shop for your aviation business.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your CNC Machining Needs

  • Cost Savings

CNC machines are expensive. Plus, they require specialized training and tools to operate correctly. For this very reason, most small businesses can’t afford these types of machines or even have the space to house these bulky pieces of equipment in their own shop. 

So, outsourcing your CNC machining needs means you don’t have to worry about the price of owning, housing, and operating the equipment. This can help you save money and allow you to focus more time on running your business. 

  • Production Improvement


CNC machines are sophisticated and high-tech equipment that can quickly improve your parts’ production quality and process. These machines are convenient if you want to manufacture the same designs repeatedly. 

So, instead of paying for tooling every single time, you can outsource these needs, which saves you money, time, and labor. 

After all, operating a CNC machine will require constant supervision to ensure the production of high-quality parts and components. By outsourcing your CNC machining needs, you can reduce manual labor for your workers, allowing them to focus more time on other essential things in your business

  • Varied Capabilities

Another benefit of outsourcing your CNC machining needs is the flexibility it provides. An in-house CNC machining can have limited capabilities, particularly if you have new products. If you wish to expand your production, you’ll have to invest in additional equipment to accommodate your needs. 

Outsourcing with a CNC machining service means you won’t be affected by these limitations. They are a specialized manufacturing company with diverse CNC machining equipment. Plus, the diversity is not confined to the number of machines. Aside from offering different file formats and materials, they also handle secondary processes such as anodizing and heat treatment. 

Things To Consider When Choosing A CNC Machining Provider

  • High-Quality Equipment And High-Caliber Technicians

The best CNC machining provider should have the latest equipment and tools at their disposal. This allows them to create a high level of precision and quality when manufacturing your machined parts and components. 

In addition, they should also have a team of highly skilled technicians who can efficiently supervise and use these tools and equipment to produce your products. Capable technicians can pinpoint any quality issues with your parts before they even go into production. 

  • Transparency And Accessibility

Choosing a CNC machining provider means developing a partnership that can make or break your business. And a true partner is transparent about their role in your success and their relationship with your business. You’ll always know where you stand. 

So, when looking for a CNC machining partner, look for those that employ effective communication. They should be able to give quick answers to your question or have a variety of communication channels for you to access.

You want to look for providers that are customer-focused, invested in quality, and give extra attention to your products. They should be easy to contact, flexible enough to handle change orders, and willing to offer value-added services. 

During the selection process, you’d need to set specific and clear expectations and create clear terms and conditions. Let the CNC machining vendor know what you expect moving forward, outline responsibilities, and start with a positive win-win mindset. 

  • Expertise In Targeted Industries

The right outsourced CNC machining vendor is more likely to meet your quality demands if they have experience in the same or related industries. 

Working with a CNC machining provider that understands your industry is critical since they’ll be able to provide you with the targeted services you need to improve your product. Also, this ensures you get custom parts whenever you need them. 

Furthermore, they’ll be more proactive in identifying and fixing any issues before they become problems and should be familiar with your industry’s compliance requirements. 

Make sure to ask for a range of services list or case studies so you’ll know they can handle your business needs and keep up as you grow

  • Proven Track Record 


High-end machining is worth it. You may be prepared to pay a fair price for quality services, but you also need to do your research and determine if a specific provider is worth every penny. 

You can do this by looking at their track record. Start by asking for the shop’s history. A machining business established for decades has serviced numerous companies and should be able to handle your requirements. 

Also, you want to take a look at how they work. Do they deliver promptly? Examine the financial health and stability of the machining provider as well. 

In addition, you’d need to look for customer reviews and testimonials. A reliable CNC machining provider won’t think twice about providing you with referrals to vouch for the quality of their services. Although most CNC machining companies talk about a strong game, hearing it from a client is a different story. 

Doing your homework can help you save time and headaches in the long term. 


The CNC MaaS industry is constantly evolving and growing by leaps and bounds. With this, it’s tough for you to keep up with the cost and quality control of manufacturing in-house. CNC machining outsourcing is an excellent solution to your manufacturing problems if you need a rapid prototyping solution to grow and scale your business.

Make sure to consider the above factors when choosing a CNC machining provider to ensure the best fit for your company’s needs. 


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