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6 Ways to Improve Your Business Processes

After an incredibly tough two years, businesses globally are looking forward to a period of sustained growth and expansion. Business strategies are no longer centered around business continuation and rescue, but rather on how to scale the business. We thought we would take a look at what organizations are doing globally to help streamline their business processes. We unpacked what is working for them and how they are using various techniques to ensure that the business grows over the next two years.

Use Platforms and Tools to Automate Business Processes 

One of the easiest ways to grow your business is by streamlining as many processes as you can through automation. Once you get a process right and functioning in your organization, automate it and move on. There are tons of online platforms that offer multiple solutions for automation, and what is more, most are incredibly affordable.

You can find anything from tools for social media scheduling and posting to an online plagiarism checker to ensure the content you publish is unique. There are also automation tools for your HR department, financial processes, and supply chain. They are great for saving resources like time and manpower to simply get the process right and leave it to run automatically.

Rethink Your Lead Generation Techniques 


We have seen so many companies running with old lead generation strategies and wondering why business is simply not coming in. The fact is that in today’s modern era of online resources and digital technology, there are a plethora of great ways for you to up your lead generation game.

Back in the day, cold calling was a top method of generating leads, but now you can use data or web scraping, targeted research, social platforms referrals, SEO, and content marketing. The internet has provided businesses with endless opportunities to build databases and target new customers.

Center Business Processes Around the Customer Experience 

The fact of the matter is that a successful business is customer-centric. Every single department, from client-facing staff to developers, needs to function and perform with the customer in mind. Start with looking inward and looking at your website. How effective is your UX design? What does your sales funnel look like?

It is important to optimize every single one of the touchpoints in the company as well. From all contact and engagement points to mapping out a streamlined customer journey, it is worthwhile doing a full customer journey audit. Refocusing your staff on the customer experience is also key. A company-wide initiative is an effective way of training your staff on effectively dealing with and managing customers. 

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Redesign Your System 

Many business owners have stepped back to relook at their system and how the business runs in the last two years. The COVID-19 outbreak forced companies to pivot their operations and start catering to more online and digital customers. 

In order to redesign your system, it would be worthwhile to do a deep dive into your organization. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where are the highest costs in the organization and can they be reduced?
  • Which processes create a bottleneck and how can we relieve those?
  • What are the highest frustration points in the company for customers and team members alike?
  • Where are the majority of delays happening?
  • Which process in each department takes the most time to get done and how can it be optimized?

With these questions, you can map out just where your attention needs to be in the company and what needs to be rectified. If your company is focusing on customer centricity, these are the most critical aspects to receive attention.

Look Inward to Your Staff 

All of the aforementioned questions can be answered by your employees. They are the ones facing the backlogs and bottlenecks. They are in contact with the clients and customers directly. They know what works and what doesn’t. Keeping open, transparent communication with your employees is one of the most effective ways of improvising all of your business processes.

Your company culture is critical. Your interaction and communication with your employees should be open, productive, and beneficial to both parties. Your employees should be on your side in creating a healthy, productive culture where work-life balance and productive communication are key to your company’s health. 

Measure, Monitor, and Track Everything 

As a rule of thumb, keep monitoring all data that is coming into the company. From lead generation statistics to key data coming in from your websites and relevant platforms. Knowing what the data is saying is knowing what works and what doesn’t. 

Take your website as an example. You can track which campaigns were successful and which were not based on the traffic. You are then able to plan similar campaigns for the future based on this data.

Bottom Line of Your Business Processes

The bottom line is to get to the bottom of your company and work up. Reset your foundations. Map out critical blueprints of improvements. Take a look at what other companies are doing and roll it out on your own.  small business coach