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6 Pro Tips For Effective Brand Positioning

In every industry, competition has gone a notch higher. It might be because of the many manufacturers that have entered the market. And as a result, you may have to ensure you stage your brand and product in the market in a way that makes it a preferred option by your target audience. This is where a good brand positioning strategy can come in handy. Having one can boost brand awareness, impress value, and justify your pricing. 

Like in all parts globally, London has seen a spike in digital and other media brand positioning. For that reason, it could be to your advantage to work with reputable branding agencies London takes pride in. Moreover, working with professionals limits the chances of trial and error in your brand positioning efforts. 

So, if you’re a business owner desiring to carry out an effective brand positioning strategy, here are proven tips worth considering:


  • Invest In Product Differentiation 

Product differentiation focuses on making your product unique and distinct from the rest of the market. With this approach, you need to brainstorm innovative ways to level up and enhance your product’s uniqueness to set you apart from your competitors. The essence of product differentiation is to try as much as possible to move a notch higher from traditional methods of competition.

  • Advertise On Social Media 

Social media is indispensable when it comes to staging a fortified brand position. To do this, thoroughly evaluate which social media platform can give good exposure to your brand. Research your target audience and their online habits and behaviors to determine which platforms they most use. The demographic of your audience can influence which social media to capitalize on.

As you strategize on social media marketing, you need to ask yourself these questions: 

  • Which social media platform do your target customers mostly use? 
  • Which social media channel is your target audience likely to use when searching for information? 
  • How often are they online? Which is the best time of the day to publish your advertising content?
  • Stand Out On Product Quality 

When it comes to quality, ensure that there isn’t any compromise. Quality is always on top of the list for people who prefer products meant for prestige. Quality products provide longevity of the product and value for it. However, it’s not just products that should emphasize quality. Even if the process of producing quality products might be costly, your customers will be willing to part with the market price of the product so long as it’s worth it. 

A high-quality product is evident through its craftsmanship, the quality of materials used, and a small batch of production. Even though some buyers might opt for cheaper products in the market, it’s good to create a signature product based on quality that will be in the interest of buyer personas.

  • Offer Convenience  


For this strategy, you need to prove to your customers why your product is more convenient than your competitors. Convenience can take several forms. For instance, you can leverage location convenience. Here, you’d make sure that your product or service is as close to your target customers as possible. If you’re a soft drink manufacturer, you need to open depots in the most remote market centers where customers can buy without travelling far. In addition, you can offer transport after-sales services to your retailers to encourage them to purchase from you and not from your competitors.  

Apart from location convenience, it’ll help if you also consider having ease-of-use convenience. Avoid any complications on your product that make your customers uncomfortable while using it. For instance, if you’re a software developer, it should be easy for the end-user to interact with your software.  

In addition, develop forgiving software, whereby, if someone makes a mistake while using the application, they can undo the last process they made. For easy-to-use software, one should comfortably use it without contacting the developer. You can also attach a manual to your software that helps users navigate your software easily. This aspect of convenience is also appropriate if you’re a gadget manufacturer.  

Another aspect of convenience is using software that runs multiple platforms. For instance, if you’d like to develop an application for your business, consider the different gadgets that your customers might be using. Thus, use a developer with a platform that can develop applications for use in different operating systems. You level up your competition with such software that you can download from the various app stores.

  • Charge Fairly 

First, do market research on the pricing strategy carried out by your competitors. Then, you can set a relatively lower price for your product. Customer psychology teaches that no one would like to spend more money when there is a cheaper alternative of the same quality. However, you also need to ensure that your prices don’t affect your business by making negligible profits. 

Alternatively, if charging the same price as your competitors is the best option, you can go with that. On top of that, you can combine more than one of the brand positioning strategies discussed in this article.

  • Improve Customer Service And Experience 

An excellent shopping experience for your customer is likely to result in repeat buying. When your customer service is exceptional in the market, your customers will likely prefer you over your competitors. As a result, not only you’ll gain loyalty from them, but your product may also rank high in the options list of your target audience. After all, customer experience is one of the keys to positioning your product.

Today, there are various ways you can improve customer service and experience. For instance, if you’re operating an online shop, design your website in such a way that it’s informative, easy to navigate, and mobile user-friendly. Selecting products, putting them on a cart, and paying should be a simple process, giving your customers a hustle-free experience. Furthermore, your website should also load fast every time a customer browses your page or searches for a product.

Final Thoughts on Brand Positioning

Becoming a leader in the market needs good product positioning strategies. A well-positioned product in the market is the top choice for customers unless the stores have run out of stock for your product.

With that said, ensure that you differentiate your product well, stage a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, and ensure you manufacture products of high quality. In addition, level up your customer service and experience efforts. 

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