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5 Conference Venues You Should Try Out in Australia

Are you looking to create a corporate event with your employees? Do you want it to be memorable that your employees will have a takeaway they can remember when they go home? Are you in Australia right now looking for conference venues? That last question might be a little too specific, but if that question is bingo, then we have some suggestions you might want to hear.One of the first things that you should consider for a corporate event is, of course, a corporate venue. There are several corporate venues in a single city, so it might be a little overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to help you scope at least one for each city we’ll discuss today. Let’s start.

RAC Arena, Perth

Conference-VenuesIf you want to start your corporate event with a bang, you might want to consider the RAC Arena for a Conference venue in Perth. In this venue, the day usually won’t start without breakfast. That said, they are offering a breakfast course menu first so that your employees will start the day with a tummy full of food, making them in the mood for the event. Another great thing about the RAC Arena is that it is close to public transport, and they have parking onsite for people bringing their vehicles.
Inside the location, we have the Indigo Room catering to 200 standing people and 170 for a banquet-style event. It’s fully kitted with AV, which is great given Australia’s climate. If you need more room, you can hold your event in the Granite Room, double the size of the standard conference room in the RAC Arena.

The Cleveland Room, Sydney

Consider the Cleveland room if you’re looking for a small team conference or a team-building event. The venue is perfect for a small conference event for a small team. Whether you’re meeting with your shareholders or team managers, Cleveland is one of the best conference venues in Sydney right now.
Cleveland has three walls of windows that directly overlooks the Range and golf course, which you can visit for a fun time during breaks or for leisure time after a meeting. The room also has direct access to the Park View Bar and balcony, perfect for lunches or small coffee breaks. With all that said, all hire costs include notepads/pens, Purezza still/sparkling water, linens, room, and even an event coordinator.

Zagame’s House, Melbourne

If you want a location that is not-so-standard for a conference event, you might want to hire Zagame’s House. Zagame’s House is not just for business, but it’s also perfect for entertainment and education. That said, whether you want a meeting with one of your clients or discuss a business proposition with a group of your friends, then Zagame’s House can take you up.

Zagame’s House has two rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology that you can use for any event you want to hold. The venue can also hold conference events, weddings, product launches, team-building, or just a place for hanging out. They have what they call Harry and Gertrude, two rooms capable of fitting small to medium size groups in various seating and standing arrangements.

Melbourne also has some fantastic sights to see while you’re there. Make the most of your trip with a Melbourne guided tour.

Ann Harding Conference Centre, Canberra

Conference-VenuesArguably one of the go-to venues for conference events, the Ann Harding Conference Centre offers a floor-to-ceiling glass foyer, state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, two light-filled seminar rooms that overlook indigenous gardens, and more. Their main conference room is vast, with sky-high ceilings, natural light, and outdoor access that is suitable for a serious conference event.
Not only that but the state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment can be controlled by the staff or one of your own for a more immersive experience during self-hosted virtual events that you’re probably planning to hold at your conference. Also, you can completely customize the conference room itself, suiting more to your needs and your employees. Perhaps the best thing about the venue is that it’s quite close to the Canberra Railway Station.

Ramada Suites Zen Quarter, Darwin

If you want a venue close to nightlife, you should consider the Ramada Suites. It’s just a 10-minute walk from Mitchell Street, one of Australia’s most famous nightlife locations. Each area in this location features a balcony offering water views and even an outdoor saltwater pool that can be enjoyed after the conference event. It’s also just a few-minute drive from Cullen Bay and SkyCity Casino if you want to have fun for the rest of the night. And the best part? Darwin International Airport is just 7km away.

Final Words on Conference Venues

These venues are among the topmost recommended conference venues in each of their cities. Most of them are located near key transportation areas, which is very convenient if you’re not familiar with the place yet. That said, if you’re looking for a conference venue to hold an event, you should consider one of these places while you’re in Australia.
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