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general business liability insurance

5 Benefits of Having General Business Liability Insurance

General Business Liability Insurance: The Basics

Insurance against personal harm, medical expenses, and physical damage caused by your company activities is provided by General Business Liability Insurance. 

In the event of injury or property damage, you will not be responsible for such costs if you have this policy in place. Coverage for general liability is often known as the Commercial or the Business Insurance Liability.

And Why Do You Need General Business Liability Insurance?


In the United States, 75% of firms are underinsured. This is a startling number when you consider the probable damage that an unforeseen event may have on a company. Nearly half of all disaster-affected U.S. firms never reopen again.

Any comprehensive protection strategy for a firm must include protection against legal claims against the organization. However, suppose you’ve never acquired business liability insurance before. 

In that case, you may be curious about the advantages people who choose to utilize it for their companies might get from doing so.

You must be aware of the following advantages of general liability insurance, and we will outline them below for you; there’s much more than that too. Let’s get started!

5 Benefits of General Business Liability Insurance

You probably understand that you will require the correct liability financial protection to safeguard your company. When it comes to the development of your business, you may not realize this. 

Obtaining business liability insurance has many advantages, such as:

1. Protection Against Employee or Staff Action

Competent assistance is hard to get by, according to an ancient adage. Even if you do your best to retain the finest employees, you will never be completely safe from the bad behavior of those on your team. 

Everything from defamation to an accident that damages property or injures someone falls within this umbrella. Third-party lawsuits may be covered by general liability insurance coverage in some situations. 

On the other hand, professional liability coverage is something you may want to consider including in your insurance or purchasing separately.

2. Protection Against a Data Breach 

Data protection is critical. Your firm needs liability coverage if it maintains customers’ details (such as their names or residences) on file at all times. 

An electronic data liability clause has emerged in several insurances to safeguard your firm in the case of a hacking incident. Please remember that you may have redress should your general liability policy doesn’t cover certain instances. 

Cyber liability coverage, a sort of coverage that may be able to aid, is another option.

3. General Business Insurance Helps to Minimize Financial Losses

Various forms of insurance may assist you in avoiding scenarios that might be disastrous to your company. Several methods might assist in safeguarding both you and the company. 

It’s important to get business insurance to protect your company in the event of a covered loss, as well as in the event of a lawsuit. 

In an accident, you might be responsible for the expenses of repairs, lawyer’s bills, replacements, and medical bills if you don’t have insurance for your company. 

This might harm your company if you wouldn’t have the funds to pay for it.

4. Lawsuits Against Your Business Won’t Leave You Strapped with Insurance Coverage 

If a consumer is injured while visiting your establishment, they have the option of suing you for damages. Alternatively, a lawsuit might be filed if your customer suffered financial losses due to service problems. 

Any legal bills or judgments against your company would be your responsibility without the necessary business insurance.

5. It Could Increase Client Contracts

General liability insurance is a requirement for many customers. How so? Since no one likes sitting responsible for your errors if you make them. 

Customers may conclude that you want to dodge claims if you do not have such a plan in order. On the other extreme, possessing general liability insurance may greatly increase trust and open the door to new and larger company ventures.

What Does General Business Liability Insurance Cover?


A firm with general liability insurance is shielded against a wide range of potential lawsuits, such as those alleging physical harm, destruction of property, violation of copyrights, injury to name, and injury to marketing.

  • Advertising Injury – When your firm disparages another individual, company owner, or corporation, it might cause damage to its reputation in the marketplace.
  • Reputational Harm – You might damage your reputation when you make statements about another firm that is detrimental to their company’s operations in a press conference.
  • Copyright Infringement – Copyright violation charges might arise if you are suspected of exploiting another individual’s works in your company advertisement or are in some marketing strategy before even obtaining their consent.
  • Property Damage – Another prevalent negligence lawsuit is for property damage. If someone’s belongings are harmed while patronizing your establishment, you might be held legally accountable for the damage. Claims for property damage may also involve harm done to the residence or other property while the customer is visiting the customer for business purposes.
  • Bodily Injury – A popular kind of lawsuit alleges that a company was responsible for causing bodily harm. General liability coverage would pay for the injured party’s medical expenses if they were hurt while visiting your business premises. An incident as innocuous as a consumer tripping and falling in your business or workplace might give rise to a lawsuit for bodily harm.

Because of the frequency with which these kinds of legal liability are filed, you must safeguard your company with the appropriate insurance. 

For instance, the typical expense associated with a claim for a trip and tumble is 20,000 dollars. In addition, according to the specialists, you might be looking at fees of up to $50,000 if you are sued for causing damage to your reputation. 

Investing in a business umbrellas insurance policy is a smart decision if you want to expand the coverage of your company liability insurance coverage. This provides you with an additional layer of security from potentially costly claims.

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How Much Does General Business Liability Cost?

As per Insureon’s research, the typical monthly premium for general liability insurance is 42 dollars. Seventeen percent of Insureon’s small business clients have monthly premium payments of less than $25.

The price of the general liability insurance policy will vary depending on the magnitude of your company, the current situation of the company, the region in which you do business and the level of protection you require.

Expenses for general liability insurance may be kept under control by selecting insurance coverage that is tailored to the business’s specific requirements. 

The combination of general liability insurance and commercial property coverage may be purchased via a business owners policy (BOP), which is a handy and cost-effective method. However, you also have the option to purchase general liability insurance by itself.

Several important criteria, including the following, determine the premium you spend for general liability insurance:

  • Your particular line of work. If your firm is considered to be one with a high level of risk, you should expect to pay more for your general liability insurance.
  • The number of decades of work expertise that your company has.
  • Consider the dimensions, placement, and current state of your property.
  • Particulars of the policy, like its deductibles and its insurance cap.
  • The previous incidents of insurance complaints brought by your company.

The Potential Risks of Not Having General Liability Insurance 

A firm lacking CoverWallet General Liability Insurance might lose everything if it had to pay judgments, court payouts, and legal bills. 

An hour of legal advice might cost more than $100. Judicial expenses may go into the seven figures if the case goes to trial, and even if the case is dismissed, you will still have to fork out thousands of dollars in legal fees.

To put the company in danger, you need general liability insurance coverage. It’s possible to lose customers if your company doesn’t have general liability insurance.

A certification of insurance is required as proof of insurance coverage. An insurer policy’s declarations page is a formal record outlining various insurance and policy restrictions.

[BONUS SECTION] Difference Between General and Public Liability Insurance: Don’t Get Confused

The concept “general liability insurance” refers to insurance that encompasses “general” arguments, such as those involving bodily injury or property damage done by the job or a defective product made or delivered by the company. 

This insurance plan is often referred to simply as “liability insurance.” It protects against the hazards that come from working with or distributing to members of the general public, whether that interaction occurs immediately or as a consequence of operating in a crowded setting.

Guard Your Business Against All Amenities by Obtaining General Business Liability Insurance from CoverWallet!

Every small company has to take precautions against possible emergencies. Nobody can predict when a catastrophe may occur.

If anything unexpected were to happen to your company, obtaining general liability insurance for businesses would allow you to get back on the right track quickly.small business coach