Process Design Tools That Help Leaders Understand Workflows

Work is never just work. In an organization, one employee’s daily tasks should fit neatly into the tasks assigned to other members of their team, their department and the rest of the company. If one worker fails in their duties, the right criteria might not be met to allow another worker to complete their assignment, which could cause the entire company to be less productive. It is imperative that business leaders understand how processes across the organization coordinate and complement one another — and the most efficient way for leaders to gain this understanding is through the use of process design tools. Here are a few essential tools that business leaders can use to improve documentation of workflows, which will allow them to make more strategic decisions regarding every team member’s work. 

World-Renowned Course

There is no better tool for high-level executive function than education. Knowledge and skill are essential for business leaders who are striving to optimize workflows and ensure efficiency and success through process design. Executives can find all manner of process design–related online courses from the world’s top business schools. Leaders might evaluate the types of processes most common in their organization and enroll in courses most appropriate to their current needs. For example, project managers might be best served through a course on strategic projects, which will help them design and refine the steps involved in completing projects with success. 

Digital Flowcharts Help With Process Design


A flowchart is by far the most common tool used in process design because it easily and effectively visually demonstrates the steps involved in a process or system. Some of the best flowcharts do not require any text to describe tasks, yet leaders can use flowcharts to see inefficiencies and develop solutions that lead to optimized processes. There are many free online tools that allow for creating flowcharts, such as Canva and Mural, and there are some tools that are specifically designed for making and managing flowcharts, like Lucidchart. 

Visual Workflow Diagrams

Flowcharts might be the most popular visual tool in process design, but they are not the only useful diagrams that business leaders might use. Other charts like swim lanes and tree diagrams can be more helpful in showing more complex systems within an organization. Leaders can experiment with different types of diagrams to find the ones that best suit their needs. Usually, tools that make it easy to create flowcharts will have additional services that help leaders produce other process design diagrams. 

Process Maps

Another type of diagram that can help leaders organize information about processes and systems, is known as  process maps. These come in an even wider range of styles to account for the diverse needs of unique organizations. Some management strategies utilize specific process maps; for example, Six Sigma has its own visual style designed to communicate information with greater efficiency. Process maps can do more than illustrate existing processes; idea and strategy maps can help leaders explore and organize new processes into efficient systems. This tool can be especially valuable when leaders welcome input and feedback from their teams as it allows leaders to include a large number of ideas on a single page. 

Microsoft Tools For Process Design

With Microsoft Office, business leaders might already have all the process design tools they need. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel are all useful programs that are exceedingly capable of creating basic process flowcharts, allowing leaders to create and evaluate process maps. Even better, because most leaders are familiar with Microsoft Office software, organizations can begin process mapping and improvement as soon as right now. 

Process Documentation Software

Unlike individual flowchart makers or Microsoft Office, which was designed for purposes other than process design, process documentation software offers features specifically intended for leaders to use when designing processes and systems for their organizations. This type of software can capture information about processes from the very beginning of ideation and provide simple visual documentation as processes evolve. Not every leader needs such a robust process design solution, but when processes become too complex for simpler tools, leaders should remember this option. 

Different organizations manage processes in different ways, but leaders should always strive to understand and control processes and systems. With knowledge, skill and process design tools, business leaders can ensure efficiency and success into the future.

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Types of Investments that Help Obtain Dual Citizenship


Types of Investments that Help Obtain Dual Citizenship for Businessmen & Investors

It is no news that obtaining a second citizenship is the new norm. The benefits of obtaining dual citizenship are limitless. In this world of uncertainty, one should create a form of security for oneself and loved ones. One such way is by obtaining dual citizenship, especially the type that can be extended to one’s family.   

Getting dual citizenship by investing a certain amount of money in a country is what people commonly term “buying” a passport. In the literal sense, it’s more of an investment when considering the returns you stand to get from it. 

As a businessman or investor who wishes to obtain dual citizenship, it is best to obtain a choice that is advantageous to your business.  

Types of Investments best for Businessmen and Investors to obtain CBI

There are diverse types of CBI programs with different types of investment. However, some are specifically advantageous to you as a businessman or an Investor. Dual citizenship is very common for individuals seeking to expand their business horizons. Dual citizenship offers a lot of business advantages and opportunities. For example, Grenada’s citizenship by investment programme allows you visa-free travel to more than 140 countries. 

There are different prices, types, and procedures for obtaining CBI for other countries. However, some investment types are general and common among countries that offer CBI. Highlighted below are some of the best types of investments for wealth multiplication. 

Real Estate 

This is one of the most typical forms of CBI used by investors. Applicants must invest a certain amount of money in approved real estate in the country of their choice. Usually, the amount of money invested is subject to how many people will benefit from the investment. Your hold on your property could be shared or total. For shared investment, you are only a passive partner. For full ownership, the complete control of the property lies in your hands.  

You should know that for real estate investment for CBI programs, you are required to hold the property for a certain period as determined by the country’s government. After this period has elapsed, you can decide to sell off the property, hold on to it or expand your investment in real estate by acquiring more properties. For example, in Grenada and St. Kitts & Nevis, you must hold on to the property for at least five years. In other cases, you might have to hold on to it for a longer or shorter period, depending on the amount invested in real estate.  

Government Bond  


Government bonds are another good investment option for obtaining dual citizenship. This process requires you to invest in government bonds of the country where you would like to obtain your second citizenship. Just as in investing in real estate, you are also mandated to wait for a certain period before getting your investment back. However, CBI through government bonds is for investors who are not doing this to make profits.  

After your investment period has elapsed, you will only get the initial capital invested in government funds without any interest. Government bonds are best for people who only seek to expand their business across foreign shores and are not expecting returns from their investment in dual citizenship.  

Business Investment  

Countries like Antigua & Barbuda offer you the chance to direct investments in authorized businesses on the Islands. This is another excellent way of supplanting your business on foreign shores. You can decide to make your investment single-handedly, and you can also choose to make a joint investment with other people. St Lucia allows you to invest in approved enterprise projects like pharmaceutical products, ports, bridges, roads, and highways. It is expected that this investment must create at least three job opportunities.

Apart from the three mentioned above, there are other ways of obtaining dual citizenship through CBI. Another such that you can use as an investor is a donation. With this type, there are no capital and interest returns. However, this option is up for grabs if you want a quick and easy way to obtain dual citizenship. All you need is to donate a specific amount of money stipulated by the government towards a government-approved charity. Another type of investment recently introduced by the government of St. Kitts and Nevis is the Alternative Investment Option (AIO). Approved under the AIO are co-investment projects between local business people, the government, and foreign investors.  

Advantages of Dual Citizenship for Business Expansion

1. It allows you to expand your businesses to foreign shores, which helps to facilitate business growth.  

2. Dual citizenship grants you visa-free travel to more countries. 

3. It opens your business up to opportunities. You get to meet many people who might become business partners.

4. It attracts investors. Investors will be interested in putting their money into a business with beautiful prospects. 

5. Taking your business abroad grants you access to local talent. You can find more skilled workers that will boost your business growth.

6. Expanding your business abroad opens you up to a new market.  

7. Expanding your business abroad offers you financial security. In war or other disasters, you will be assured that all your eggs are not in one basket.

Obtain your Dual Citizenship Now

You can consult an expert to help you choose the best investment option for you, your family, and your business. Remember to make hay while the sun shines. Make your investments now while the option is still golden. 

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The Benefits of Social Media Automation Tools for Businesses

The Benefits of Social Media Automation Tools for Businesses in 2023

Social media automation tools will be a must for businesses in 2023. With so many different platforms to manage, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them without help. That’s where social media automation tools come in! These tools make it easy to post content, schedule posts, and track analytics across all of your social media platforms. In this blog post, we will discuss the 6 best social media auto poster tools for businesses in 2023.

What are Social Media Automation Tools, and How Can They Help Businesses in 2023?

Social media automation tools are software programs that enable users to automate certain social media tasks. From posting content, tracking analytics, scheduling posts, and monitoring brand mentions, these tools can make it much easier for businesses to manage their social media presence in a more efficient way. With the help of automation, companies can better track their progress across multiple platforms and more easily engage with their audience.

How to Choose the Right Tool for Your Business Needs?

When deciding which social media automation tool to use, it’s vital to assess your business needs and determine which features you need the most. Different tools offer different features, so it’s essential to do some research and find out precisely what each one has to offer. It is also essential to take into consideration things such as pricing and customer service.

What features should you look for when selecting a social media automation tool?


When choosing a social media automation tool, you should consider features such as the ability to schedule posts in advance, track user engagement, identify influencers and influencer marketing opportunities, measure ROI from campaigns, and analyze trends in content performance. Additionally, look for tools that offer analytics and reporting so you can better understand what’s working on your channels and optimize accordingly. Finally, you’ll want to make sure the tool integrates with other marketing tools, such as email marketing software or CRMs, so you can streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

How to set up and use an automated system?

Setting up an automated system for social media management is relatively straightforward. You’ll want to connect the tool with each of your social media accounts, then begin creating content and scheduling posts. You may also want to set up automation rules so that certain actions are triggered whenever a user interacts with your page or profile in certain ways, such as following you or using a specific hashtag.

Hootsuite – Streamline Your Social Media Management

Hootsuite has been a leader in the social media management space for years and continues to be one of the best social media automation tools out there. With Hootsuite, you can manage multiple accounts across multiple platforms from one dashboard. You can also schedule posts, track analytics, and monitor brand mentions with ease.

Buffer – Schedule Content Across Multiple Platforms

Buffer is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their social media presence in 2023. With Buffer, you can easily schedule content across multiple platforms without having to worry about manually posting. This can save a lot of time and help businesses stay consistent with their content.

Sprout Social – Analyze Performance and Engage with Audiences

Sprout Social is an excellent tool for analyzing your performance across multiple social media platforms. With Sprout, you can track metrics like engagement, impressions, reach, and more to gain valuable insights into how your content is performing. Additionally, you can use Sprout’s engagement tools to interact with your audience in a more meaningful way.

ZohoSocial – Monitor Brand Mentions and Create Reports

ZohoSocial is great for businesses that want to monitor their brand mentions across the web and create detailed reports. With ZohoSocial, you’ll be able to track brand mentions and get insights into what people are saying about your company. You can also use the platform to create custom reports to measure the success of your campaigns.

Sendible – Manage Multiple Accounts from One dashboard

Sendible is a great tool for businesses that need to manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard. With Sendible, you can easily schedule content and track analytics for all of your accounts in one place. Additionally, the platform features helpful tools like post suggestions and engagement tracking that make it easier to coordinate your campaigns across different channels.

FS Poster Automatically Share Your Content from WordPress to Social Media

FS Poster is an excellent social media auto poster for sharing your posts from WordPress to 20 social networks. The plugin is feature-rich, and these features let you manage all your social media management processes from one plugin. You can use FS Poster for social media managing without creating a WordPress post too. 

Tips on Getting Started with Social Media Automation Tools


Once you’ve chosen the right tool for your business needs, it’s time to get started! Here are some tips to help you get up and running:

  • Schedule content in advance – This will ensure that your posts go out on time and that you don’t have to worry about manually posting each day.
  • Track your progress – Use analytics tools to monitor the performance of your posts and campaigns. This will help you identify what works and what doesn’t so you can optimize for results.
  • Engage with audiences – Don’t forget to interact with your followers. Reply to comments, like posts, and share relevant content to ensure that you’re staying connected with your audience.
  • Leverage automation – Automation can be used for more than just posting content. Use it to create reports and monitor brand mentions so you can stay on top of what people are saying about your business.

How to measure the effectiveness of automated campaigns?

To measure the effectiveness of an automated campaign, you should track key performance indicators such as reach, engagement, followers, impressions, and conversions. You can also use analytics tools to gain insights into content performance and audience behavior. Additionally, consider conducting A/B tests to determine which strategies or content types are most effective for your target audience.

Conclusion on Social Media Automation

If you are looking for social media automation tools to help your business in 2023,  check out our list of the 6 best ones. While some businesses may not want to automate their social media,  other businesses find it helpful. Automating your social media can help you save time and energy. Do your research to see if automating your social media is the right decision for your business. For more blogs like this one, visit our website.

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Credit Scores and Inflation

Inflation can have a significant effect on credit scores. The impact of inflation changes over time, as the economy and interest rates fluctuate. Inflation’s primary impact on credit scores is how it affects debt levels, which are most commonly reported to the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion).

Debt amounts that have built up over time can remain fixed in nominal terms, but due to inflation those same payments become a lower percentage of the total debt level. This decrease in relative value makes it easier for people with bad credit scores to continue falling behind on their expenses, as they cannot afford to make the same payments they used to.

The effect of Inflation

The effect of inflation on bad credit scores is a common concern among consumers. Inflation affects the cost of living and can have serious implications for a person’s financial security. This can be especially concerning if you have a poor credit score due to past financial mismanagement or other issues.


Inflation affects bad credit scores in several ways. First, rising prices can reduce your purchasing power. As prices go up, you might have to make trade-offs with how you spend and save money, which could lead to financial problems down the road. Additionally, if your income doesn’t keep pace with inflation, it can be harder to repay existing debt, leading to higher interest rates, late payments and eventually default.

Furthermore, inflation can also lead to a decrease in the value of investments or savings. This means if you have invested money, it won’t be worth as much when you need it. This could make it more difficult for you to pay off any outstanding loans or lines of credit.

Should you take out a loan with a bad credit score?

Interest rates on loans are often linked to the inflation rate. Taking out a loan during times of high inflation can be costly. Moreover, lenders may be more reluctant to lend money to people with bad credit scores because they may view them as higher risk borrowers. CreditNinja loans do offer loans on bad credit scores if for any emergency you might have need of some extra money.

What will happen to a bad credit score if inflation continues to rise?

If inflation continues to rise, it’s likely that interest rates on loans and credit cards will also increase. This could have a significant effect on bad credit scores by making debt more expensive to pay off and leading to higher defaults. It is therefore important for people with bad credit scores to take steps to protect themselves from the effects of rising inflation.

Can inflation damage good credit scores?

Inflation can affect good credit scores as well. It may lead to higher prices for goods and services, which in turn could lead to a decrease in the value of your investments or savings. Additionally, high levels of inflation could make it more expensive for you to borrow money because interest rates on loans and lines of credit are often linked.

Final Thoughts

Inflation can have a damaging effect on both bad and good credit scores. It is therefore important to be aware of the potential implications of rising prices, and to take steps to minimize their impact on your finances.  By creating a budget and sticking to it, improving your credit score, and being aware of how inflation could affect you, you can help to protect your financial security.

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Chattel Mortgage Vs Hire Purchase Loans: What’s the Difference?

If you’re a business looking to purchase a vehicle or other expensive equipment, you may be considering either a chattel mortgage or hire purchase agreement. A chattel mortgage and a hire purchase are two different types of loans.

Both options offer potential financial benefits, but they are very different in terms of ownership and structure.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what each type of mortgage means and the differences between the two. 

What is a chattel mortgage?

A chattel mortgage is a type of loan that enables you to purchase a vehicle or other asset with money borrowed from a financial institution.

The borrower owns the asset and makes payments to the lender over an agreed term. The collateral for this loan is the asset itself, which means if the borrower defaults on their payments, they risk losing it.

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What is a hire purchase?


Hire purchase is a form of lending in which the borrower pays for an asset over an agreed term.

At the end of the term, ownership of the asset transfers to the borrower. Instead of borrowing money from a financial institution, the borrower enters into an agreement with a third party to lease the asset.

The third party pays for the asset and retains ownership until the loan is paid off in full. 

What is the difference between a chattel mortgage and a hire purchase?


The main difference between a chattel mortgage and a hire purchase is that with a chattel mortgage, the borrower owns the asset from the outset of the loan, whereas with hire purchase, ownership transfers to the borrower only after all payments are made.

Since the lender owns the assets acquired through a hire purchase, it’s responsible for any maintenance-related costs associated with the asset. With a chattel mortgage, however, it’s the borrower who’s liable for all such costs.

In terms of structure and repayment options, chattel mortgages generally have higher interest rates than hire purchases and offer shorter loan terms, which means you might have to pay larger monthly payments.

Hire purchases tend to have lower interest rates and less flexible repayments, but the borrower may be able to negotiate a better deal with the third party.

In addition, chattel mortgages and hire purchases are generally used to purchase different things (although this is not a hard and fast rule).

A chattel mortgage is often used to purchase vehicles and machinery, while a hire purchase is usually used to buy tools and equipment.

As a result, the value of the assets bought via a hire purchase is usually lower than the price of the assets purchased through a chattel mortgage.

This also means that assets generally purchased via a chattel mortgage — such as vehicles — have a longer lifespan than those acquired through a hire purchase. 

So, which one is better? 


The answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. The best thing to do when deciding between the two options is to consult your accountant.

They will be able to advise you on the more suitable option based on your financial situation, as well as provide useful insights into the pros and cons of each.

Ultimately, both chattel mortgages and hire purchases can offer potential financial benefits for businesses looking to purchase vehicles and other assets — but it’s important to understand the differences between the two and make an informed decision.

Can you terminate a hire purchase agreement?

Yes, you can terminate a hire purchase agreement and return the asset to the lender. However, it is important to check your contract for any penalties or fees that may be incurred in doing so. 

Do you need a high credit score for a hire purchase?

No, you don’t need a high credit score for a hire purchase. Lenders generally take into consideration other factors such as your income and the amount of deposit you are able to pay when assessing your eligibility for the loan. Additionally, lenders may also consider the age and condition of the asset you are looking to purchase.

However, keep in mind that if you fail to pay your instalments on time, your credit score may be negatively impacted.

Do hire purchase loans have variable interest?

No, hire purchase loans generally come with fixed interest rates, which is helpful for budgeting and planning purposes. The interest rate is usually set at the time of signing the contract, so it will remain constant throughout the loan period.

Are there any other names of a chattel mortgage?

Yes, a chattel mortgage may be referred to as:

  • Personal property security 
  • Movable hypothecation 
  • Lien on personal property 

Can you make extra payments after taking out a chattel mortgage?

Yes, you can make extra payments after taking out a chattel mortgage. Making additional payments may help you pay off the loan faster, allowing you to save on interest.

This is especially helpful since assets acquired through a chattel mortgage usually have a high value.

However, it’s important to check your contract first to make sure that there are no additional fees associated with making extra payments.

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Benefits Of A Data-Driven Approach For Yo​​ur Business


Corporate decisions based on intuition, experience, or gut instinct often yield desired results for achieving your business’s objectives. However, they can be risky sometimes, resulting in a considerable loss for the company as they need to be a reliable solution to good decision-making for your organization. A well-grounded solution to this problem is a data-driven approach. Data-driven solutions offer convenient tools to collect, quantify, understand, and analyze your business-related data. Using these solutions, you can evaluate the risk and benefits of a decision through business data and analytical insights.

As this approach utilizes facts and figures based on analysis rather than mere hunches, one can be assertive about their choices and business decisions. Bold decisions can help your business move on to the path of success.

What Exactly Is A ‘Data-Driven’ Approach?

This approach does not believe in the power of intuition. Instead, it highlights the importance of using solid facts based on past and present business data analysis to make wise and profit-yielding decisions.

It makes it easier for you to verify the probability of success of implementing a decision and the risks associated with it. With technological advancements, even small businesses can now use data analytics and benefit from the numerous perks it offers to any organization. Businesses of any type or size can analyze their data and decide the best action plan with the help of data-driven solutions.

Why Should You Go For A Data-Driven Approach?


The latest research suggests that data-driven organizations are more likely to make the finest and most effective decisions and succeed as a business than those who rely on instincts and intuitive decision-making. A data-driven approach provides valuable insights into your concern’s data and allows you to make accurate forecasts about the future.

One can easily recognize forthcoming industry trends and opportunities through data-driven technology. It provides an advantage to the business as it can respond immediately to market trends instead of its competitors.

Following are a few reasons why a data-driven approach is a great decision-making strategy for your organization.

Cuts Down Costs

As one has readily available information about one’s business, predicting the future, analyzing the impact of a decision, and taking necessary steps to reduce its risk becomes more manageable with a data-driven approach. For example, specific tools offered by data-driven solutions help businesses to identify product pricing patterns and reduce production or development costs accordingly.

Higher Productivity And Increased Efficiency

Business analytics solutions aid an organization in identifying revenue-generating and profit-yielding opportunities. This significantly boosts an organization’s operational efficiency and increases productivity. One can forecast inventory needs accurately through these solutions and improve production efficiency.

Understanding Customer Requirements Better

Using this approach, one can obtain in-depth insights into the preferences and needs of an ideal customer. As a result, businesses can quickly identify their potential customers, understand their requirements, and tailor their products or services accordingly. Furthermore, understanding what your customer needs through these solutions helps you design your product in line with customer needs, increasing customer satisfaction.

Increased Sales

If the manufactured products and offered services align with the customers’ requirements and expectations, it improves the chances of increased sales. Consumers will likely engage in transactions with your company if satisfied with your product or service. This results in boosted sales and higher profits. One way to achieve this is by analyzing the data and understanding customer likes and interests.

Risk Reduction

Data analytics provides a solid base for any business decisions. Knowing the risk factors can help prevent financial losses. It helps eliminate considerable risks.

Conclusion on Becoming Data Driven

A data-driven approach provides access to valuable business-related information, offering your business a competitive edge. One can increase the company’s efficiency, productivity, and revenue and make better decisions with this approach. You can avoid significant losses by ascertaining potential risks with the data analytics tools and solutions and steer your business toward success. 

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Top 3 Sales Tools Your Team Needs in 2023


Running a business requires education and information to make data-driven decisions. After all, the more data you have available, the better you can enhance your consumer experience. To optimize this experience, businesses should consider using sales tools. Proper sales tools can help owners predict customer behavior and elusive buying patterns.

What are Sales Tools?

Sales tools are applications and software that help sales teams within their industry. These additional tools will extend beyond CRM and help with various sales-related aspects. Categories of sales tools include lead handling, automation, training, and intelligence. This reality means businesses hold plenty of options to choose from, which can ultimately benefit the company.


For companies wanting to transform the sales department into an integrated and automated machine. As territory mapping software, Maptive integrates sales territory boundaries to help your sales team accelerate its funnel. Maptive also details specific targets within the sales process, including demographics and categories. These numbers help managers reflect accurate data throughout different territories, allowing companies to capitalize on underserved areas.

Maptive also offers comprehensive mapping options. Users can develop optimized routes, allowing sales members to build the most efficient way between multiple locations. Members can add up to 70 stops on the route, complete with drag-and-drop functionality. Finally, sales team members can calculate the physical distance between two or more locations, uploading the data points in real-time.



Whatfix helps simplify the user experience by offering on-screen step-by-step instructions so they can independently complete any task. This tool allows businesses, companies, and enterprises to train, onboard, and support employees throughout the hiring process. All businesses can create and deliver customized content through videos, links, text, and flows. The end user won’t have to leave the application, helping to increase user productivity and overall engagement.

Dialpad Sell

Dialpad Sell is a phone system for boosting sales using real-time coaching and CRM integrations. This communications platform offers real-time support, coaching, and analytics. Users can use voice intelligence to handle common objections, allowing sentiment analysis for overall support. This tool is a powerful leveraging device for any sales team wanting to overcome objections.

Benefits of Sales Tools

Several reasons a sales team should invest in new software applications. These benefits include:

Closing More Deals

According to the LinkedIn State of Sales report, technology can help representatives close more deals overall. Recent studies suggest that 74% of salespeople plan to invest more in their sales intelligence tools to improve their financial outcomes.

Acquiring Data

Data is the critical development of performance, accounts, and industries. The more a business knows about its customers, the better it can cater to them. Metrics continue to shift away from standard quotas and develop stronger connections with customer satisfaction.

Developing Trust

Buyers want to ensure the salesperson they’re working with is reliable and trustworthy. Nearly 89% of all buyers recently surveyed suggested that a salesperson needs to be a trusted advisor. Using sales technology, sellers can establish more trust with potential clients, helping develop better relationships. Sales tools help build and establish stronger relationships with buyers overall.

Conclusion on Sales Tools

Sales tools are critical for any business wanting to excel in its industry. These tools are available in many aspects but should always benefit the company or its consumers directly. Building automation, training, relationships, and marketing should be the focus of any sales department, including the tools used within the business. Ultimately, if the sales programs, applications, and tools aren’t helping your company excel in your industry, they’re simply the wrong tools for the job. By identifying how you’d like to leverage the tools to benefit the company, you’ll better understand how these programs can help overall.

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Employee Hiring Plan: Auto Repair Business in 2023

Employee Hiring Plan

This week I’m writing about using an Employee Hiring Plan in an Auto Repair business. An Employee Hiring Plan helps you to win the battle for the top talent by consistently generating more than enough leads, screening out non-performers, and using a skills-based test-drive process and psychometrics to choose team members that deliver results.

Employee Hiring Plan In An Auto Repair Business


36 Business Coaching Modules

I have been writing about some of my hero clients and how we are able to achieve significant results from our work together. We have 36 Business Coaching Modules, which are areas within your business that when we improve your performance in these areas, your business will run better.

Mark, Owner of Auto Repair Shop

Mark is this week’s small business hero. He owns an auto repair business that he started about 5 years ago. When I met Mark his business had grown, but the business was “running him.” He was working very long hours and was constantly interrupted by customers and employees. This was affecting his health and personal relationships with his family; he was spending very little time with them.

Tactical Marketing, Time Management, and Key Performance Indicators

We decided to implement several of our Coaching Modules to address his situation. These included a Strategic Plan, Team Deployment Meetings, Tactical Marketing Plan, but most importantly an Employee Acquisition Plan, Time Management Plan, and a Key Performance Indicator System.

Employee Hiring Plan: Auto Repair Shop

An Employee Hiring Plan is all about marketing. You are simply marketing to prospective employees. Of course, you need something attractive and compelling to market to job candidates. This is one of the things that a Strategic Plan does for you.

A Strategic Plan for Your Team

Even if your business is not the most attractive workplace now, a compelling Vision, Values, and Mission can help you to attract great employees. You are taking your team on an exciting journey to a great job and workplace. The team deployment meeting helps all your employees to know where you are going, how they are to act, and what they are to do every day.

Time Management and Reducing Time Screening Employees

Back to an employee hiring plan, you want to bring in a large number of candidates, but have a system that screens them without taking your time and you end up with the very best prospective employees. That’s what we helped Mark do. We also conducted a time management study and delegated less important duties to his team members. Finally, we installed a door between his office and the customer lobby to reduce interruptions.

Results for Mark and his Auto Repair Shop

As I write this blog post Mark is on a 3-week vacation in Europe. He has opened a second location, purchased a lot for a 3rd location, built a spectacular house on the lake, is working 4 hours a day, and is in some of the best physical condition of his life! Here’s what Mark said:

With Alan’s help I have less stress and I’m able to conduct meetings without any interruptions. Alan helped me to evaluate the costs/benefits of hiring new employees and gave me the assurance that I could justify the additional expense. My sales and profits have grown even with the new hires.  Alan has coached me on how to motivate my employees to meet my business goals. With Alan’s help by next summer I plan to have my business running without my day-to-day involvement.


Congratulations Mark on your amazing accomplishments using among other things an Employee Hiring Plan in your auto repair business! You are one of my business heroes and an inspiration to other business owners. You can view another case study using a Team Building System in a landscaping company here.

Ten Company Improvement Suggestions in 2023

ten improvement suggestions

When you own your own business, it doesn’t take long to realize that there is a lot to learn. Many self-employed people ask me how a small business owner can improve their business and make more money. You may want to know the best ways to grow your business, how to hire and retain employees, how to be more profitable, or how to work fewer hours. There are many options available to you as a business owner. Here are the ten company improvement suggestions:

Use Some of These Ten Approaches to Grow Your Profits by up to 1,500%

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to lead a number of business mentoring approaches to pursue the improvement of my own businesses and my client’s businesses. Here are ten ways a small business owner can improve their businesses. Some of these options have grown my client’s businesses by more than 400% and their profits by more than 1,500%!

The Ten Company Improvement Suggestions

In this scenario, you are working with a professional business coach who will meet with you on a regular basis to review your business performance, help you set goals, and hold you accountable to your objectives.

  • One-on-one small business consulting.

A consultant is usually focused on a narrow area of your business for a short period of time. For example, let’s say that you need help with developing operational software to streamline your processes. You would hire the consultant to complete the job and then you’re done with them.

  • Business coaching program.

A program is a series of activities with an end goal in mind, and is one of the ten ways to improve your business. In this context, the business coach develops a series of lessons for the client that directs you to improve your business in a certain area. For example, let’s say that you are interested in learning about marketing your business so that you can grow. The coach would teach you how to market.

  • Business coaching packages.

Packages are a variety of services or products that are included in a “bundle.” In our case, we have packages that include coaching you in 36 areas of business in the categories of time, team and money. These are especially helpful to you as a small business owner as your business grows and develops through various stages towards business freedom.

  • Custom business coaching.

Custom business coaching is the ability to create a unique coaching solution for the varied needs you may have as a business owner. Some business coaches with little experience may be strong in a certain area of business, but quickly run out of helpful advice when they encounter a new type of business or a unique problem. The ability to customize coaching services is a helpful advantage to you as a client.

  • Group business coaching.

Some self-employed people may not be able to afford a one-on-one business coach. Additionally, many issues that business owners face are common. Group business coaching can be a good solution for you. Your coach meets weekly online or monthly face-to-face with 5 to 10 non-competing business owners and takes your group through teaching modules. Business owners can share their experiences with others in this format.

  • Mastermind business groups.

With a mastermind group, the focus is on the sharing of knowledge from other business owners and the coach in the group. Usually, the coach will include a one-on-one monthly session for you and the group members.

  • Business referral groups.

These are groups that meet on a regular basis for the purpose of giving and getting referrals. The largest, most well-known referral group is BNI. Sometimes an educational component is also included in these groups, especially in the area of networking.

  • Peer-to-Peer mentoring.

Improving your business does not necessarily need to be in a formal setting. If you are on a tight budget, you can simply meet with another business owner to share and receive knowledge and to hold one another accountable.

  • Number Ten on the List is Self-Development.

Ranking ten on the list is forming the habit of developing yourself through books, videos, seminars, webinars, workshops, and audiobooks. You can select offerings on any area of business you choose.


As you can see, there are many options available to self-employed and small business owners who want to improve their businesses. Each of these options works, some better than others. But all can give you a return on investment. Which one of these ten company improvement suggestions worked best for you? And what didn’t work? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in our comments area below.


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Using a Sales Management System in 2023: Manufacturing Company

Sales Management System

A Sales Management System

This week I’m writing about using a Sales Management System in a Manufacturing Company. This is a practical system for building a top-performing sales force by scripting their approach, managing their activity, measuring their performance, and tying their paychecks to results.

I have been writing about some of my hero clients and how we achieve significant results. We have  36 Coaching Modules, or areas that fall under the categories of growth, profits and freedom. These are areas within your business that when we improve your performance, your business will run better.

John’s Manufacturing Company

John is the owner of a foundry (metal castings manufacturer). At this point, he wanted to transition his business into composites manufacturing. Over the previous two years, John had seen a decline in sales and profits. As a result, he had accumulated some debt; John wanted to become debt-free and grow his retirement savings. He has two daughters that are soon to enter college. Besides, John wanted plenty of time to pursue his hobbies of cycling and bowhunting.

Tactical Marketing, Time Management, Key Performance Indicators, Strategic Planning, and Team Deployment for John’s Company

We decided to implement a Tactical Marketing Plan, Time Management Plan and Key Performance Indicators. We then developed a Strategic Plan for his business. When it was ready, we met with his team to share his vision, values, and mission. This was the team’s opportunity to give their input and buy-in to the direction of the company.

The Sales Management System Implementation in a Manufacturing Company

We decided to focus on several of our Coaching Modules. We started with the Sales Management System. With our Sales Management System, we focus on three areas: Attitude, Activity, and Acumen. Based on this, we started by setting up an internal customer relationship management system. Then John and his team began to spend time daily on marketing and contacting prospects. We did a press release about John’s new focus in the composites industry and saw a big response. Additionally, John attended some of the Composites Industry Association meetings and developed relationships with contacts there.

Results For John’s Manufacturing Company In Using A Sales Management System

John’s results with our Sales Management System were dramatic in his company. Here’s what he said:

testimonial10“Alan has kept me focused on marketing, sales and profits and has held my feet to the fire. The results of this focus are that my sales have grown 30% and profits are up 228% over last year.”


Congratulations John on using a sales management system to grow your sales and profits. You are one of our business heroes and an inspiration to every business owner. You can view a pest control company using a revenue and profit budget here.

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