How To Create A Logo For Maximum Branding: Beginner’s Guide

Should a logo be simple? Or should it be complicated? Is it better if you use words? Or will symbols do a better job? Will a colorful logo be more effective than a monochromatic one?

If you’re starting a new business, expect this slew of questions as you go along your branding quest. It might seem daunting to answer such questions, but the sooner you grapple with them, the better the turnout of your designs will be.

We are here to guide you through the basic process of logo design. Take note, a basic understanding of a logo doesn’t mean your logo will come off just that — basic. We’ll help you achieve an impactful logo design with just the basic information.

We need to understand that logo design is not rocket science. And with this article, it won’t take long before you get a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t.

The Purpose of Logos

Imagine a world without logos. Imagine all brands have the same typefaces, with no distinct color, just a typical word you see in print. Good luck looking for things that you want.

Logos help a normal person navigate through a saturated industry. If there’s hundred shoe brands, how are we going to choose? Sure, you look at the design of shoes, the price, and the location of the stores. But that’s a whole bunch of information to process.

Logos give us a glimpse of what the brand is all about, what color their products have, what kind of customers they cater to, and how much the products would be. All that in a simple image.

Whether it comes in the form of a word image or a 3D logo, this wonderful branding asset enables brands to rise up from the crowd and be recognized.

How To Create A Logo That Stands Out

As in any form of design, there are so many rules to logos. But it really boils down to what industry you’re playing in, what customers you want to attract, and what the business is all about.

It’s not one size fits all. Because if you take the aesthetics of fashion houses, for instance, and use it in the kiddie pool product manufacturing business, then we’ll see an obvious disconnect from the customers’ age group. Luxury houses cater to a middle-aged group, while kiddie-related businesses are for youngsters. Obviously, the brand designs follow the market.

What works for one won’t work for all — that’s a key rule in design. However, there are golden rules that you must follow should you want success in your brand as much as possible. Using design tips from the best-performing logo, here are four characteristics of an effective logo.


  • Simple

Gone are the days of elaborate and intricate logos. We’ve seen that in antique brands, monarchies, and government agencies. The real deal now is simple, often with only one or two design elements.

For example, Starbucks used to have a detailed picture of a mermaid in their logo design. Now, it’s a flat image of a long-haired girl with a crown. Same with Apple. The logo was once a picture of a tree and below is Isaac Newton. Now, it’s just an apple with a bite.

  • Symmetry

Symmetry is the perfect equality of an image, either left to right or top to bottom. Apple’s logo is a perfect example of a symmetrical logo. If you divide the image horizontally, you’ll still see an equal image both at the top and at the bottom.

Symmetry means that the size, shape, layout, and color mimic each other from both sides.

  • Recognizable

People love seeing things they recognize. If they can’t tell what that image is, they’ll probably get disinterested. That’s why choosing a symbol-based logo is a tricky choice. It’s difficult to pull off. Apple’s apple fruit, Nike’s checkmark, and McDonald’s letter M logo marks are the best examples of recognizable logos. 

  • Timeless

Make sure that your logo design lasts. Although rebranding is possible, it’s often difficult to execute successfully. Not to mention, it’s expensive. So consider a logo that will stand the test of time.

If you have to map the future journey of your business, do it so that you can anticipate the possible changes in your brand.

Design Elements To Focus On

  • Color

Color comes first among others because it transcends the logo itself. The color palette will transfer to your products, stores, packaging, stakeholders, events, promos, flyers, and many others. That’s why it is important to choose a logo that not only stands out but also is relevant to your customers and industry.

Since there are no original colors, consider an original combination. Black and gold are usually there so why not try black and orange or black and fuschia. That’s just an example but feel free to combine colors and see what works.

Take note, colors evoke emotions and other non-verbal communication. So always place your customers in the picture.

  • Style

Style varies depending on your chosen types of logo. If you’re going for a wordmark, the style could be either a serif or a sans serif, a decorative or a script, bold or light. If it’s a symbol, it’s either edgy or curvy, composed of lines or with shapes.

Style will likely depend on the whim of the brand which is highly subjective. Budget, research, environment, market, and product points are factors too.

Where To Create Logos

  • Professional Logo Designer

If you have the budget and the time, a professional designer is indeed a judicious choice. Most companies are willing to shell out this kind of luxury.

Why not? You easily hand out the brief, and the designer does the hard work. Easy. Not to mention, if the designer is trained enough, he or she will have done the necessary research and come up with industry-standard and aesthetically pleasing results.

  • DIY Logo Creator

Not anyone has the budget of a big company. This is the reality for most brands. So a DIY logo tool is a no-brainer choice. Fortunately, these logo creators nowadays are keeping up with the technology. Armed with AI systems, they could generate free logos and inexpensive templates based on the keywords you provide.

These templates can be customized using drag-and-drop tools and a few simple buttons. However, you cannot change the totality of the design. That is, you cannot start from scratch. You can only go so far. But at least it’s easy and cheap. Within minutes, a logo design is ready.

Wrapping Up on Creating a Logo

It’s important to understand that for a logo to become really successful, the brand has to be one first. The products and services have to be top-tier for a logo to even be considered wonderful by the community. Saying that a logo is enough to skyrocket your brand is a misinterpretation of the role of logos in branding.

The truth is that they have to work hand in hand. The logo is just the wings. And the business is the gear that uplifts it from the crowd. Without the effectiveness of each other, it might be challenging to replicate the success of world-famous brands.

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7 Proven Ways to Support Small Businesses

Introduction to Supporting Small Businesses

Small Business Saturday is held every November on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, an annual holiday in the United States meant for shopping for small businesses and supporting them. In 2021, around 60 percent of the consumers in The US decided to shop from small businesses on this holiday.

With the pandemic that took place and ruined the economy, it is vital that the economy recovers. Small businesses or local businesses are the ones that suffered the most from this unfortunate disaster. Small Business Saturday is meant to help these businesses, and everyone can contribute.

However, even with the best intentions, many people usually have a hard time finding ways to support these businesses on this holiday, so without further ado, read about how you can help these businesses.

The 7 Best Ways that can help you Support Small Businesses on a Small Business Saturday

1. Post positively

Think about promoting other small businesses on social media through your own company. Share your excellent remarks about them on your website or social media to support them, whether you buy their products and adore them, think their storefront is impressive, or just appreciate having them as neighbors.

It is a free, simple, and easy way to help businesses that require your support to grow. Your positive words are also greatly appreciated by them and help them a great deal. Remember that your kind words can do wonders for local businesses.

2. Leave positive reviews 

Consider all the other little companies you enjoy, such as quaint stores and diner-style eateries. Consider leaving them a glowing review on Yelp, Facebook, or any other website where people go for recommendations if you haven’t already done so.

Every artist and business benefits from positive reviews, including writers, illustrators, and retailers like stores and restaurants. Ratings are the lifeblood of our culture of consumption, and the more favorable reviews a company or product has, the more likely it is to attract new clients.

Someone else may find your kind words just what they need to read before making a purchase. Be sincere and truthful when describing some of your favorite products in a brief review.

3. Spend on Small Business Saturday instead of Black Friday

Black Friday can be very alluring, it’s true. All those huge discounts on expensive products only appear once a year, but remember that every dollar you spend at a large chain store is a dollar you will not spend at a small business that much more directly supports the community’s economy.

Even if you are an avid Black Friday shopper, think about forgoing it this year in favor of Small Business Saturday. Even if you might not get a $20 flat-screen TV, you can relax knowing that you prioritized spending your money on important things.

Big chains earn a lot daily and are not going through a crisis. Small businesses, however, require your help, so do not feel bad about not shopping on Black Friday as these big chains already make enough; instead, help those businesses that don’t.

4. Shop local


It is a major issue. Small businesses are the ones that have suffered a lot as a result of the pandemic, and if you want to see them flourish and move into the new year, you must also provide them with the financial help they need.

It’s important to remember that doing this might require ordering items earlier to account for shipping and production times, but it will be well worth it when you buy special, one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones.

 Plus, you can feel even better about these gifts knowing that your money supports small businesses run by people with big dreams and considerable talent. You need to keep your favorite small businesses this holiday season if you want to see them survive.

5. Create awareness 

Small Business Saturday can be promoted in various ways, including word-of-mouth, fliers, social media posts, and direct mail. Awareness must be created and spread about Small Business Saturday and if you have a few specific favorite small businesses, tell people about them.

Posters are a great way to create and spread awareness about Small Business Saturday. Make a small business Saturday poster or a small business Saturday flyer and publish it on websites such as PosterMyWall, where you can find different templates for your poster.

Take your steps to create awareness and let your friends in the loop. Suggest they share their favorite local businesses online and recommend them to others so they may also shop from small businesses.

6. Network with other small business owners

Even if you don’t do much shopping, you may still benefit from Small Business Saturday by getting out and meeting other small business owners. You may be able to effortlessly assist another business owner you weren’t aware needed it and forge connections that will benefit your company in the future.

Let’s imagine that another business owner is planning a celebration, and you have a ton of extra disposable cups from a party. The beauty of networks and connections is that you may give them your leftovers for free or at a significant discount.

It does not require extra effort or money; it will also help you and small businesses that need assistance to grow and survive in the future. So, before November this year, network with small businesses and help them.

7. Start your shopping early and be patient

Starting your holiday shopping earlier can ease your life and aid small companies in several ways. Small businesses benefit from the extra income, which enables them to prepare your order before the busy holiday shopping periods.

Get out there, start your holiday shopping before Black Friday, and be patient as small companies prepare your order.

Don’t rush them to prepare or deliver your order. Instead, give them the time they need, and hope for a fantastic product or service, and let them work in peace. Being kind as a customer will also give them the support they require.

Important Takeaways on Supporting Small Businesses

Financial support is important, but it is not the only way you can support small businesses. It’s okay if your holiday spending budget is reduced this year. Every little assistance is beneficial, including your unpaid reviews or suggestions that attract more clients.

You need to support small companies this year in a way that seems right to you. There are numerous ways you may do this, which will look different based on each person’s skills and financial budget this season.

Remember to help by creating awareness, and positive reviews, saving up for Small Business Saturday instead of Black Friday, and trying to shop locally as much as possible. Finally, be kind, and as a customer, be generous with your tips whenever you can.

Happy Shopping!

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