Dreams Into Actions- Vicky, Owner, Creative Graphic Design Co

By on August 4, 2016

“Alan Melton is my business coach, but more importantly, he is my personal Life coach. Whether he calls himself one or not, that is what Alan has become for me. He has offered “therapy” and amazing solutions for my Life and business, going forward!! Alan hears me and believes in me and my work, and he translates this into a methodical plan of action! He is leading me on a journey of self-discovery, and for the first time, I believe in ME!

Alan’s direction has been instrumental in re-organizing my Life AND my business. I am so excited about going forward and doing what God intended for me to do. I am excited about my business again. Alan gets to the very core of who you are – by making you think past your limitations and toward your dreams. Your dreams need to be the force that motivates your actions each day. Alan helped me take my scattered puzzle and orchestrate it into a beautiful picture of what lies ahead of me!” Vicky, Owner, Creative Graphic Design Co

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