My Top Ten Favorite Business Tools for Entrepreneurs


As I’m working with my clients I’m frequently advising them about business tools that are useful for small business owners. Since I believe that marketing is one of the most important small business owner skills, several of my favorite tools fall under that category. Just as important as marketing is self-development and included are a couple of those tools in my list. I’ve listed 3 tools that I use in coaching my clients and 2 that help with the financial areas of a business.

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  1. Hootsuite is a very helpful business tool with managing your social media posts. You can send one post to multiple social media sites with the push of a button, and you can schedule future posts so that your message broadcasts while you are on vacation or sleeping! Plans start as little as $19 per month.
  2. MailChimp is an email newsletter distribution platform. You can create your newsletter using their templates, add subscribers to your list and send out hundreds of email newsletters a month for free.
  3. Clickfunnels is an online business tool that helps you to build marketing campaigns without the help of a technical person. You can connect these campaigns to your website so that your visitors may view and buy your products or services online. The cost starts at less than $99 per month.
  4. WordPress. You may already be familiar with WordPress. This famous website platform boasts of providing 28% of all the websites on the globe. That’s a lot of sites! These websites are relatively easy to design, but many business owners hire a web designer to set everything up. Adding content and images is really easy; very similar to Microsoft Word. The cost can be as little as zero.
  5. Audible is a way for you to listen to all kinds of books on tape. I consider personal development to be essential for the small business owner. Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational person talked about the benefit of going to “automobile university,” that is to listen to audio recordings while driving your car. I frequently listen to personal development recordings while driving or working out. The cost is about $15 per month.
  6. Quickbooks.  Most everyone in business knows about Quickbooks; but did you know that this billing and invoicing tool can automate your payments from customers? Then you don’t have to manually create bills or chase customers for money. The payment shows up in your account so that you can spend more time with your customers. You can use it to pay your bills too! The cost is as little as $5 per month.
  7. Our 21 Silver Bullet Assessment. This business tool is a self-assessment we provide to business owners who are looking to improve their business and take it to the next level. The tool examines your business in 21 areas that fall under Time, Team and Money categories. We have found that every business owner wants to experience freedom in business. That’s why we decided to become our own boss; to be free from another boss! The cost is zero.
  8. E Learning System. As part of our coaching offerings we provide a 52 week E-Learning System which has a primary focus on your marketing, but covers other aspects of business as well such as business planning, time management, employee attraction and retention and leadership. A weekly training video is provided for you, along with a workbook. The standalone cost is $97 per month.
  9. Coaching Agenda. Our clients fill out a weekly coaching agenda prior to each session. Included on the agenda are Key Performance Indicators, Goals and Actions, Biggest Achievements, Challenges, Motivation level, and other important information. This tool tracks your business progress and results, helps to achieve forward momentum, and identifies obstacles to overcome. The cost for this business tool is included with all coaching packages.
  10. Strategic Plan. In my opinion one of the most important business tools an entrepreneur can use is the Strategic Plan. Therefore that is one of the first things we provide for our clients. For us this important document includes your personal vision, values, goals and bucket list. To that we add your business vision, values and mission, your business goals and objectives which form the “big picture” and your action plan which breaks everything down into small steps to achieve the plan. The cost is included with coaching packages.

There are many other business tools, apps and technologies that can benefit your business. Try some of the tools in this list and watch your business grow!

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  1. WordPress and Hootsuite are my personal favourites. Especially the later – I can’t live without. Thank you for sharing, I will most definitely have a look at all the other tools.

  2. Hi Alan, thank you. I personally use some of these tools and find them pretty effective. Also suggest trying such tool as Deskun, it irreplaceable for Gmail productivity.

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