Sales Grow by 30% and Profits Up 228%, John CEO, Composites Manufacturer

By on August 22, 2017

“I’ve been through small business coaching before, so I understand the process and have not generally been satisfied with the results I’ve received in the past. However Alan Melton has provided the encouragement and accountability to keep me on task since I started working with him late last year. We keep circling back to the fundamentals and fundamentals are critical to success. Alan has kept me focused on marketing, sales and profits and has held my feet to the fire. The results of this focus are that my sales have grown 30% and profits are up 228% over last year. I still have a long way to go to achieve my long term goals, but Alan’s work is helping to lay a foundation for growth and profitability in my business.  John Groth, CEO, Southwest Composite Works

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