Small Business Assessment Tools


As an entrepreneur, how is the health of your business? We believe that an annual checkup is essential for your business. Doing so will help you to know if your business is growing in value and headed in the direction that you want to go. With our Business Diagnostic tools, we can help you diagnose business problems and then like a doctor, to "write a prescription" or design a mentoring plan to optimize the health of your company.
 We offer a number of Business Diagnostic tools to assist:
Business Evaluations
  • Simple Rule of Thumb Evaluation.  One to ten page report.
  • Basic Opinion of Value. Seven to ten page report.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation. Thirty plus page report with up to ten valuation methods.
  • Third Party Evaluation.  These valuations are comparable to an appraisal.  Typically used for mergers and acquisitions.
For more information about Evaluations visit our Evauations Page.  For pricing on our evaluations visit our Services page.

Business Assessments

Business Needs Checkup.  This free tool is available here on our website. This is a self-directed check up of important areas of your organization.  Once you have completed this assessment, we will work with you to identify areas to work on, and make specific recommendations for improvement. We will assist you to incorporate recommendations into your action plan.
Comprehensive Business Health Check Up. We are finding $75,000 to $300,000 per year for business owners! One of our coaches can guide you through this detailed analysis and will help you formulate a written business improvement strategy. This is a 56 point guided check up of important areas of your organization.  We review with you areas of Acquisitions, Business Growth, Cash Flows, Leadership, Marketing Strategies, Organization, Sales, Planning, Human Asset Management, Customers, Finance, and Legal aspects of your company.  We will ask probing questions to help you identify areas to work on. We will make specific recommendations for improvement, and we will incorporate recommendations into your action plan. 

Business Diagnostic. This tool is an online assessment that guides you through grading your business in a number of areas of your organization.  One of our coaches will review your results, and assist you with developing a plan of action.

"Thanks for all the help that you have given me. The practical advice and business-savvy ideas you have given me have added dollars to my bottom line, and will stay with me as a successful business person. The ability to stay focused on your goals and the way to develop them was information that I was able to use right away." Michael, President, Motorcycle Sales and Service

For pricing on our Business Assessments, visit our Services page.

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