How Tough Times Added Dollars to the Bottom Line

By on June 8, 2016

Challenging times have caused most business owners to “tighten their belts.” These difficulties have caused many owners to open their minds to the idea of working with a business coach. As a result of getting help, the owners that we are working with are experiencing more money in their pockets and growing sales.

In recent weeks it has been a blessing to see business owners overcome obstacles and get clarity on their business calling. It has been fun to engage their employees in pursuing the business vision in a way that benefits everyone involved and the community as well! Most of all it has been rewarding to help them discover immediate results that puts money in their pocket. Consider some of the following results:

  • A business owner made one expense item change that brought $40,000 to his bottom line.
  • A service company owner made two simple changes to sales and pricing that added $75,000 in profits.
  • A service company owner added $30,000 to her profits with one sales strategy.
  • A professional service firm owner decided to stay in his business rather than sell it.

We have experienced a significant increase in coaching projects. The difficult economic challenges are motivating business owners to find every advantage to increase their market share and to add dollars to their bottom line. We are recently working with service companies, small manufacturers, and professional firms.

John*, a service company owner said, “I came to the realization that I love to fix problems, but I’m not a very good manager of this business. We have been just barely getting by for years, even when economic times were good. Now I realize that we have left a huge amount of money on the table.” In the first session with John and his team we added $75,000, which is pretty good considering John has been making $40,000 per year for the last ten years!

We find time after time that business owners are burned out. They have “foggy thinking.” They are working too much. They are too stressed out. They are on a treadmill, and they don’t know how to get off. Then many come to us to sell their company at the worst possible time. We are bringing on average approximately 2500% return on investment for our clients. For every $1.00 spent with us, we bring $25.00 in return.

Are you ready to take advantage of difficult times? If so, give us a call.

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