Know the Value of Your Company

Everyone who owns a business needs to know it’s value in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, some do not know their business value and this lack of knowledge can cost a business owner dearly. Business value is the greatest indicator of your financial success. A business valuation is important for buy-sell agreements. If you have never used a professional to establish the most probable selling price of your company, you could be flying in the dark with respect to the wealth you have accumulated. Small Business Coach & Associates can help you to know the value of your business.

The book value reflected in the financial statements of a business usually differs vastly from its true market value. Without a business valuation, any potential buyer will place little credibility in a value arrived at by an owner’s accountant. A valuation by a professional valuation expert could become the best tool usable to obtain maximum selling price.

When you work with Small Business Coach & Associates, we will assist you in establishing a competitive market value for your company.

“Recently I used you for a valuation on two of my companies. I found your service to be very professional and very thorough; you had good, thought provoking questions. Among other things, we discussed the markets we are located in, our industry, our inventory levels, and our revenue and profit growth. I believe you ‘shot straight’ with me on my company’s strengths and areas for improvement.” Bobby, CEO, Retail Machines and Products

Business Evaluation Services

We provide several “in house” options for business owners, entrepreneurs, and self employed who want to understand the value of a company. These options range from a simple rule of thumb for your specific business, to a 30+ report that provides up to ten different valuation methods to arrive at the most probable selling price. At your request we will recast your financial information to determine your total Seller’s Discretionary Earnings as part of our process. For pricing on our services, go to the services page. Call us at 1-888-504-0777 to explain your evaluation options. Depending upon the size of your company, we may advise you to select a third party valuation report for your business.

Over the last 21 years, Small Business Coach & Associates has valued many types of businesses; small, medium and large. This extensive experience, coupled with outstanding valuation tools and business valuation experts, and mentoring leaders places us in the best position to service our clients.

“Less isn’t more; just enough is more.” -Milton Glaser

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