$170,000 Profit Increase- George and Angie, Owners, Interior Design Co

By on July 5, 2016

“Several years ago we had a very poor experience with a consulting firm that charged us a lot of money and did not deliver any significant results. This made us hesitant to hire another coach. However your firm was the exact opposite. Our business grew from $700,000 to $1,400,000 in revenues from 2010 to 2011, but our cash flow was worse than before. I was stressed out as I realized how volatile our cash position could be.

We asked you to come in and perform a business assessment for us. You were very tactful as you interviewed us and our employees. Everyone was at ease and felt relaxed through the process. You identified over $200,000 per year in additional profits for our business and we decided to implement over $170,000 per year of your findings for now. We’ve been very pleased with your results! I have recently been sleeping better at night as a result of your coaching. We highly recommend your business coaching services to business owners who are looking to improve their business.”George and Angie, Owners, Interior Design Co

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